Blueberry-Lemon Parfait

Blueberry-Lemon Parfait

Try this refreshing, light recipe to cool off during the hot days of summer.

Ingredients (serves 5 people)

  • 1 container of vanilla yogurt

  • 1 pint of fresh blueberries

  • 1 jar of lemon curd

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  1. Prepare a large wine glass or martini glass and layer in the following order

  2. 1 thin layer of vanilla yogurt

  3. 1 layer of blueberries

  4. 1 thin layer of lemon curd

  5. 1 thin layer of vanilla yogurt

  6. 1 layer of blueberries

  7. 1 thin layer of lemon curd

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Looking forward to trying this for our family cookout! My blueberry bushes have exploded this year and I have gallons of yummy berrys!

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