12 Easy Ways to Dress Up Flip-Flops

Spruce up your favorite summer footwear by embellishing them in 12 simple ways.

1. Faux flowers: Attach a faux flower to the center of the straps with hot glue.

2. Thread: Apply double-sided tape to the tops of straps, then wrap embroidery floss or yarn in a pretty pattern. Secure ends of yarn with glue.

3. Yarn: Wrap and tie fuzzy yarn around the straps. Take it over the top by gluing or threading colorful buttons onto the yarn.

4. Fabric Scraps: Cut strips of scrap fabric about 3 1/2-inches long and 1-inch wide. Tie strips to the straps and trim.

5. Handkerchiefs: Cut a colorful handkerchief into strips and tie or wrap around the straps.

6. Beaded: Glue metal studs, beads or precious-looking stones like imitation turquoise or emeralds to the straps.

7. Formal: Make a bow tie out of black ribbon, and glue it to a pair of black or white flip-flops for a casual-yet-formal fashion statement.

8. Charmed: Glue linked chain to the top of the straps, then clip personalized charms to the chain.

9. Glittery: Attach double-sided tape on the tops of the straps and sprinkle with glitter until the tape is covered.

10. Padded: Wrap a strip of very thin batting around the flip-flop straps, then wrap scrap fabric around the batting. Secure ends with industrial-strength glue.

11. Duct taped: Use brightly colored or patterned duct tape to embellish the straps.

12. Lacy: Hot glue ruffled lace to the straps to add a beautiful touch.

Do you have any creative ways to add personality to flip-flops? Share them in the comments section below!


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