3 Candy Cane Crafts

Personalize your gifts and get creative this holiday with candy cane crafting.

Who doesn’t love candy canes? They’re tasty to eat, fun to hang on the tree and a great starter for many holiday crafts.

When you’re looking for ways to keep the kids busy on those dark December days, try crafting with candy canes. It doesn’t take much to bring your decorative ideas to life or personalize gifts with a little help from a holiday fan favorite.

1. Candy Cane Mice
 These little guys are quick, easy and suitable for a range of ages.


Two colors of felt or craft foam
1 standard-sized candy cane
Small plastic eyes
Marker (Optional)


  1. Cut out an egg-shaped piece of fabric or foam about 3 inches long for your mouse’s body and a figure-eight shape of about the same length for his ears
  2. Cut two pairs of small slits in your mouse. Cut the first pair horizontally near the bottom or fat part of the egg shape into which you will slide the candy cane tail. (You may want to secure the candy cane on the underside of the mouse with a drop of glue or a piece of masking tape)
  3. Cut the second pair of slits about 1 inch from the point of the egg, perpendicular to the first set
  4. Slide the “ears” through the slits
  5. Working with a contrasting color felt or foam, cut two circular or elliptical shapes to represent the inside of the mouse’s ears. Glue these to your mouse’s ears
  6. Draw a face or glue on embellishments, such as a felt nose, plastic eyes, bows, jingle bells, etc.

Tip: These mice make great stocking stuffers, ornaments and package toppers.

2. Candy Cane Reindeer
 Ornament Need a project idea for your child’s holiday party at school? This one’s quick, easy and low mess (and stress).

Make a reindeer face on the front of brown felt or cardstock with plastic eyes, a red pompom nose (or gumdrop) and brown felt ears. Glue two miniature candy canes to the back of the face as antlers. Once dry, tie a festive ribbon to the two candy canes and hang your new ornament on the tree.

Tip: Pompoms can be cute but hard to secure, especially for little ones. Substitute a piece of red felt or paper for an easier nose application.

3. Candy Cane Place Card Holders

Use our simple instructions for creating last-minute place card holders with candy canes.


  1. Cut a 4-5 inch piece of your favorite holiday ribbon, set aside
  2. Take three candy canes of equal size and hold the long ends together
  3. Have the curved or hooked part of the candy canes face outward so they can stand on a flat surface
  4. Tie the three candy canes together with the holiday ribbon
  5. Lean the place card on the hooks of the candy canes and you’re done

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