3 DIY Tissue Box Holders

Give your tissues an adorable home with these 3 crafty holders you can make from on-hand materials.

By: Melissa A. Kay

When you’re all finished with your tissues, there’s no need to throw the box away — turn that cardboard box into a world of fun for your kids! Let your imagination run wild as you transform an everyday item into a super cool craft. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas to get started with.

1. Monster Madness
All you need is an empty, rectangular-shaped tissue box and a few craft items to create the spookiest tissue box you’ve ever seen. Turn the box on its side so the opening faces you. Cover the box in coloring paper or felt in the color you’d like your monster to be. Use cotton balls with googly-eye buttons glued on for eyes.

For ferocious teeth, cut triangular-shaped fangs from poster board paper and attach so the tape is on the inside of the box and doesn’t show from the front. You can add antennae made of pipe cleaners and other lumps and bumps made of scraps of paper or felt all over the box. Fill your monster tissue box back up with new tissues, or store mini-monster toys or stickers inside for safekeeping.

Tip: Use our scary-easy instructions to turn old shampoo bottles into monstrously easy penholders.

2. Fairy Tale
Let the light-as-air feeling of soft tissues serve as inspiration for a fairy-themed tissue box. You can use either a square- or rectangular-shaped box. Cover the entire box with a light colored coloring or tissue paper. Glue on faux feathers and cotton balls. Use a string of white beads and line along the edges of the box, gluing every few inches as you go. Line the opening of the box with a bit of tulle, which you can tape along the inside. Finish up the look with a pipe cleaner with silver tinsel attached to the end to serve as a fairy’s wand. You won’t believe your magical creation was once a simple tissue box!

3. Disco Box
Turn a basic box into a sparkling disco-themed sensation. Use any shaped box and cover the entire thing with aluminum foil or silver or gold wrapping paper. Glue sequins, rhinestones and shiny buttons all over the box. Make bows with shiny ribbons and attach to the box with glue at the knotted area of the bow. As a final touch, make dots with glue in a pattern around the box and dip each side in glitter, then shake off the excess. This box makes for a fun candy box for foil-wrapped candies once the tissues are gone. Now, let’s turn up the music and make a disco box!

Do you have any ideas for a fun way to revamp a tissue box? Let’s hear it in the comments below!



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