3D Heart Garland

Take your Valentine’s décor to the next level with 3D heart garlands.

By: Rae Friis

Garlands are a simple and easy way to add a festive touch to your home for Valentine’s Day. Here are two ways to make a 3D heart version sure to enrich your home with Valentine’s love. The finished product is fancy enough to stand alone, but looks beautiful layered with simple paper chains, bunting flags or other garlands.

3D Heart Garland with Craft Paper

Craft paper
Heart template
Twine or ribbon


  1. Download and print our heart template and then cut along the lines*
  2. With various colors and patterns of cardstock or thick craft paper trace and cut out one each of the heart templates
  3. Layer from largest to smallest, folding each heart in half, except for the largest heart
  4. Staple down the middle fold line
  5. Thread the hearts together with thin string or hot glue them to a ribbon, baker’s twine or yarn

*Tip: Make your own template by drawing four identical heart shapes, cutting them out and then trimming off more of the sides with each heart.

3D Heart Garland with Fabric

Fabric stiffening spray or starch
Sewing machine*
Colored pencil or chalk
Heart template
Twine or ribbon

*Tip: If you don’t have a sewing machine or fabric, this garland is just as cute using thick paper or cardstock.


  1. Select fabric, either one or a few, and spray with fabric stiffening spray or starch according to directions on bottle
  2. While fabric is drying, download and print our heart template on cardstock and cut along lines
  3. When the fabric is completely dry, trace the heart template on the back of your fabric using a colored pencil or chalk. You’ll want to make sure and trace equal numbers of each shape
  4. Cut out fabric and layer from largest to smallest, folding each heart in half, except for the largest heart
  5. On a sewing machine, stitch a line up the middle (like a book), tying off each end. Iron open with a hot iron if necessary. Repeat to make as many hearts as you want
  6. String all of the hearts together through the back of the largest heart with a thin string or hot glue them to ribbon, baker’s twine or yarn

Rae is a graphic designer and the creative director of
Armommy.com. She spends her days working from home — usually with any one of her four lovely (and rambunctious) kids hanging on her side. She enjoys creating everyday adventures with her munchkins using ordinary things and making them extraordinary. Oh, and she also really loves clothes, chocolate, her husband, and her cell phone (in no particular order).


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