Handmade Gifts for Someone Special

Give a handmade gift that she’ll remember for years – from the kitchen to the bath.

Giving gifts has become quite easy. It’s tempting to give a one-size-fits-all gift, like a gift card to a store or restaurant, right? But what about something she truly wants – something handmade and symbolic? Or something that simply celebrates or speaks to her?

We’ve pulled together some ideas for that special something that’s sure to speak volumes with ease …

A Few of Her Favorite Things: Combine a few of her favorite things in a gift basket. Think cookies, cookie butter and decorative towels. Or, find scented toiletries in soothing aromas or essential oils like lavender or chamomile, and tuck a comfy spa pillow into the basket.

Frame and Focus: Find a few of her most beloved photos and head to your local framing or craft store. Choose frames that match her decor, and add mats to finish the look. Once framed, hang them on the wall and add a bow. This is a gift that she’ll be able to enjoy day after day.

Customized Tea Towels: For something she’d use nearly every day (or at least look at!), stamped tea towels are easy and super personal. Just make your own stamps and use fabric-friendly inks to bring them to life.

Tip: Using white or light, solid-colored towels works best.

Marbled Bowls: She’ll smile at the sight of a handmade jewelry holder, paperweight or paperclip holder. She can make the colorful bowl work how she wants, but you’re a guaranteed winner with this one.

Tip: Even the kids can pitch in to swirl the paint!

Oven-safe clay
Variety of nail polish colors
Masking tape
Disposable cup or bowl

  1. Roll out oven clay between sheets of wax paper until the clay is a uniform thickness, about 1/4 inch. (Use an oven safe bowl to help shape the clay)

Tip: Make sure you mold the clay to the bottom

  1. Trim clay to your desired height, and smooth the edges
  2. Bake the clay. Once cool, carefully ease off the bowl base
  3. Tape off any area that you don’t want to dip into the paint. You can be creative – do it all, just on one side, or just the bowl’s inside, etc.
  4. Fill the disposable cup or bowl with room-temperature water
  5. Slowly drip in nail polish. Try mixing two or three colors and swirling them with a toothpick. (The first couple of drops should spread across the top of the water)
  6. Dip your clay bowl! You can dip it straight down into the water, or roll it around to cover more of the bowl
  7. Let the polish dry, remove the tape and you’ve marbled a bowl!

Save the Memory: Take the picture idea a step further and create a memory box from a cherished family vacation or event. Have each person write a few of their favorite memories and incorporate them on a page along with a picture of the person. Use other keepsakes such as shells from the beach or tickets from a play as well.

Homemade Bath Bombs: Use our simple instructions to make homemade bath bombs for a spa day she’ll cherish.

Do you have any clever gift ideas? Share them in the comments selection below!



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