11 Clever Uses for a Tissue Box You Probably Never Thought Of

11 Clever Uses for a Tissue Box You Probably Never Thought Of

Don’t throw out that empty tissue box … just get crafty!

By Jeanne Sager

If you have kids, chances are pretty high that you have empty Puffs tissue boxes lying around your house. Whether it’s cold and flu season, or they just decided their action figures were “cold” and needed 100 soft and cuddly “blankets,” kids go through a LOT of tissues.

Which begs the question: What do you do with all those empty boxes? You could throw them in the recycling bin, but where’s the fun in that? We’ve got 11 smarter uses for empty tissue boxes.

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1. Garbage can. Whether you’re slipping it next to the armchair in the living room or underneath the front seat of your car, the slot at the top makes it easy to stash your trash in this little “can.”

2. Desk organizer. Got cardboard rolls left over from toilet paper? Of course you do. Cut the top off your tissue box, and fill with toilet paper rolls, all standing up so the “hole” is facing up. Dab some glue in between the rolls to keep them together. Allow to dry, and fill with pencils, markers, and more!

3. Toy guitar. This works with rectangular shaped boxes. Decorate the box, leaving the hole wide open. Glue the cardboard roll leftover from your Bounty paper towels to the square end of the tissue box (you may need to slice a round hole to slip it in and use strong glue). Wrap several rubber bands around the box, running lengthwise. The bands should stretch across the open hole, as they’ll be used for “strumming.” Glue at both ends.

4. Monster feet. Decorate two rectangular tissue boxes. Cut sponges into small triangles and hot glue to form “toenails” on one of the square ends of each box. Slip a small child’s feet into the holes, and voila! Monster feet!

5. Monster boxes. Cut white paper into “teeth.” Glue along the holes of the tissue box. There’s no exact science here (unless you’re acquainted with monster molars), so feel free to glue on both sides or just one! Cover the remainder of the box with construction paper and decorate. Use at a child’s birthday party or in a child’s room to store small objects. Each time they want to retrieve items, they’ll get to risk the monster’s teeth!

6. Plastic bag holder. Nod if you’re always forgetting to bring your reusable bags into the store. Now watch this video on how a tissue box can be turned into a perfect plastic bag storage bin.



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7. Gingerbread house. Do your houses always fall down? Not this year! Cut your gingerbread to fit the sides of a tissue box (any shape box will work), and affix with frosting. The empty box will provide the perfect support! (Also try this craft with graham crackers for a no-bake option.)

8. Seed packet holder. A tissue box is a gardener’s best friend! Slice off the top of a tissue box. Cover the sides in construction or contact paper. Fill with seed packets.

9. Snowman bowling game. This will take several boxes, with a square box forming the snowman’s head, and rectangular boxes for his body.

10. Toy car wash or toy car garage. Flip a rectangular tissue box on its side, with the hole facing you. Cut out the section of cardboard between the hole and the edge, creating a flap that folds out (this becomes the driveway). Cover the box in construction paper and create a sign advertising what it offers car customers!

11. Gift bag. If you forgot to pick up a bag for that birthday party gift, don’t worry. Cut the top off of a square tissue box. Decorate the outsides. Add your gift, throw in some tissue paper, and you’re done. If you want to get fancy, you can use a hole puncher on two parallel sides and slide ribbon through to create “handles.”

What crafty uses do you have for empty tissue boxes?

Jeanne Sager is a freelance writer, photographer and social media junkie. She lives in upstate New York with her husband, daughter, and way too many pets. You can follow her @JeanneSager.

Image ©iStock.com/Delpixart

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