How to Make Festive DIY Egg Baskets for Spring

How to Make Festive DIY Egg Baskets for Spring

Create your very own DIY egg baskets from materials you have around the house!

Craft a few decorative egg baskets from materials you already have around the house! They’re quick to make, adorable and great for holding painted wooden eggs, candy or other treats.

Tissue Box Basket 
Turn an empty Puffs tissue box into a cute, decorative egg basket with our simple instructions.

Empty Puffs tissue box
Clear tape or scrap cardboard
Twine or yarn
Embellishments (foam flowers, stickers, buttons, washi tape, etc.)


  1. Remove the top of the box with scissors
  2. If desired, reinforce the inside of the box with clear tape, or cut a few pieces of cardboard to fit and glue them to the inside sides and bottom
  3. Cut a handle from cardstock and another two handles from decorative felt. Glue the cardstock handle in between the felt pieces, and then glue them together
  4. Poke two holes in the sides of the box where the base of the handle will go. Use twine or yarn to attach the handles
  5. Decorate the outside of the box with foam flowers, spring-themed stickers, washi tape or other decorative elements

Tip: Clean up after crafting in mere minutes: Wipe down the table with a damp Bounty paper towel to remove glue drips, and clean the floor with the rechargeable, cordless Swiffer Sweep + Vac, which digs deep to clean messes from hard floors, even in textured grout lines and crevices.

Terracotta Pot Baskets
Decorative and rustic, these clay pot baskets are the perfect way to add some charm to a side table or centerpiece – or fill them with candy and give them as gifts!

Small terracotta pot
Washi tape
Decorative scrapbook paper
Plastic grass
Glue or tape


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  1. If needed, wash terracotta pot with water and Dawn dish soap
  2. Cut a piece of the scrapbook paper or washi tape the same width and length as the rim of the pot, and attach it to the rim with glue
  3. Create a decorative handle by cutting another strip of scrapbook paper. Glue both ends of the paper strip to the inside of the pot
  4. Fill the pot with decorative grass, candy, treats or decorative eggs

How do you decorate your home for spring? or register to share with us in the comments section!

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