4 Fun Nature Crafts to Make With Kids in the Summer

4 Fun Nature Crafts to Make With Kids in the Summer

You can make some really cool, useful crafts while teaching your kid to enjoy nature.

By Lorraine Allen

Summer brings so much beautiful nature to life, and with all that free time, it’s the perfect opportunity to keep your kids calm and busy with fun, simple nature craft projects. Plus, collecting the materials needed for these projects will encourage active children to stop and smell the roses while building a greater appreciation and understanding of their natural environment. Perhaps best of all, these four summer nature crafts each have a cool purpose, too.

1. Make a checker board: Collect 24 small, roundish rocks, about the size of a quarter, ideally. Then, have your kids pick their two favorite colors, and paint half the rocks in one color, and half in the other. They can get creative with this, and make one set have stripes, and the other have polka dots, for instance. Then, help them draw a grid of 16 x 16 squares on a small, square piece of wood, recycled cardboard, or poster board, so they can paint a checkerboard. Your kids will really enjoy making their own board game, and using natural resources to do this makes the project even more memorable and fun. This makes a great gift, too.

2. Make a bird house: A recycled empty juice or milk carton is a perfect starting point for this project, and reusing something is another nice way to teach kids about the environment. Just cut an opening at the bottom, like a door, so birds can enter their cozy home. Kids can have fun collecting small twigs and leaves and even dried moss and flowers to glue onto the outside of the carton and make it look more welcoming to birds, and less like trash. Punch a small hole through the top and attach sturdy wire or strong fishing line to hang the feeder from a nice branch, preferably in a spot kids can observe from a window in your home.

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3. Make a birdfeeder: This project is so simple, even toddlers can really enjoy it. Collect a few nice, fat pinecones, the type that have space between the rounded layers of the cone. Simply tie a sturdy string on them, looping it around the top area of each pinecone several times and leaving enough thread to hang them, perhaps at different levels, from branches. Then, have your kids slather every nook and cranny of the pinecone with either a nut butter or sunflower seed butter. Finally, roll this in bird seeds and hang outside, well above the ground. Kids will love watching their new winged friends feast on this healthy treat.


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4. Make notecards: Collect some pretty, small, delicate flowers (thick ones likes roses, daisies, or dandelions will not work), long and short grasses, and colorful leaves and petals from all around. Dry them and press them for two or three weeks, using books as weights and wax paper and cardboard as your base. Then, gently remove the dried flowers and glue them in pretty patterns onto blank notecards. These make for nice thank you notes, invitations, or even unique, personal gifts.

What are your favorite summer nature crafts to make with kids?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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