4 Thanksgiving Art Projects for the Table

4 Thanksgiving Art Projects for the Table

Get a crafty toddler involved with these kid-friendly decorating ideas.

1. Place Mats
Either using actual fallen leaves or ones you’ve cut from construction paper, let your toddler use a glue stick to attach them to a place mat-sized piece of orange or brown construction paper.

Alternatively, some toddlers might enjoy coloring leaves you draw on white paper. Laminate the place mats or cover them with clear adhesive shelf paper.

2. Place Cards
Show your toddler how to outline his hand, and then work together to create the classic hand turkey. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t stay within the lines, because you’re going to cut these out.

Help him make an eye and a waddle with markers. Provide your child with small photos of each Thanksgiving guest and let him glue those to the center of each turkey.

3. Table Runner
Cut a piece of burlap 18 inches wide and long enough to hang down about a foot on each end of the table. Help your toddler fray all the edges of the runner by gently pulling on the threads of the cloth.

After laying down newspaper, cut a household sponge into a pumpkin shape, and then let your child dip it into orange paint and make a row of pumpkins down the center of the runner. You might also alternate these with a sponge cut into leaf shapes and dipped into brown paint.


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4. Napkin Holders
Have your toddler paint paper towel tubes with brown tempera paint. While they are drying, help your child cut out circles — to represent pumpkins — from orange construction paper. Also help her cut out small green rectangles for stems. Glue the pumpkins to the napkin holders.

Alternatively, for little ones who have not yet mastered cutting, let them attach a variety of Thanksgiving stickers to the painted tubes.

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