5 Crafty New Uses for Old Silk Scarves

5 Crafty New Uses for Old Silk Scarves

See why that pretty square of fabric is more than just a fashion accessory.

By Leah Maxwell

If a gorgeous silk scarf at a thrift store or estate sale has ever caught your eye, but you passed it up because you’re simply not the silk-scarf-wearing type, we have some tips for you. While a beautiful scarf can be a show-stopping accessory for some, for the rest of us, all it takes is a little creativity to turn it into something else. Here are five ways to put that pretty silk scarf to use.

1. For a DIY style that looks expensive but isn’t, combine two coordinating scarves of the same size to make an amazing poncho-style silk shirt. Line up your scarves with the right sides together, then sew from the top corners in, leaving a hole in the middle for your head, and then sew up the sides from the bottom corners, leaving a hole for each arm. Turn the whole thing inside out and you’re done!

2. Turn your scarf into a work of art by putting it in a frame. Smooth out the wrinkles with an iron on low heat, pop it into a neutral frame, and voila, you have a new piece of graphic art for your home.

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3. Speaking of pillows, it’s easy to upgrade an old throw pillow by giving it a new silk cover. Using two scarves, or one scarf and a square of fabric in a complementary color, you can sew around the edges to create your own custom slipcover. If you don’t have any ugly pillows lying around, check the clearance bin at housewares stores, or purchase a plain insert from the craft store.

4. Keep a large silk scarf in your purse for one of these just-in-case situations: Use it to keep your hair from tangling on a windy day, knot it around your neck like a bib for a DIY nursing cover, or wear it as an impromptu belt with jeans or a dress.


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5. Silk scarves are the perfect size for draping over an end table, coffee table, or nightstand that needs a little styling oomph. Spread one out under a tray, a lamp, or a stack of books, and in just seconds this mini-tablecloth has brought a fresh look to your same old décor.

How do you use silk scarves?

Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

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I bought a very long silk scarf in shades of brown and taupe to use to hold curtains back. I GATHERED MY SILK DRAPES FROM THE LEFT AND RIGHT SIDES OF A LARGE WINDOW TO THE MIDDLE AND TIED THE LONG SCARF AROUND THEM AND LET THE ENDS HANG DOWN. I have had so many comments on this and I paid one dollar for the scarf. !!!

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