5 Super-Simple, Spooky Halloween Crafts

5 Super-Simple, Spooky Halloween Crafts

Haven’t decorated for Halloween yet? These simple crafts are perfect for procrastinators.

By Lorraine Allen

If your house isn’t decorated with all things Halloween just yet, it’s not too late to add some ghostly cheer! There are plenty of quick and simple ways to turn your home into a spook-fest – with your kids’ help, even – in hardly any time at all. Here are some easy crafts to get you started. (And if you aren’t crafty, just wrap some toilet paper “mummy-style” over the banister, or tape strips across the front door in the shape of a spider web – that works too!)

1. Jack-o’-lantern jars: Coat the outside of a clean, empty jar (lid removed) with glue. Cover the entire surface with strips of orange tissue paper. Cut out small triangles, circles, ovals, or other shapes from black tissue paper to glue on top as the eyes, nose and scary mouth of your jack-o’-lantern. Place a battery-operated candle inside and voila! Your recycled jar lets off a perfectly mess-free Halloween glow. Make several of different sizes and stick them in your window, or enjoy as a centerpiece on your dining table.

2. Pumpkin and cat masks: You need some white paper plates, coloring materials, scissors, tape, and string. For a cat face, cut out almond-shaped eyes, and then cut the mask into a large figure eight around the eyes, adding ears with the leftover bits above (attach them with tape). For a pumpkin, cut out jack-o’-lantern features from the interior of the plate, keeping the outside edge round. After cutting, let kids color the masks and decorate. Last, punch a hole on each side of the eyes and loop a piece of string through to tie the mask on.

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3. Hanging ghosts: This craft takes as little as five minutes and adds a whole lot of spook to any home in a flash. You can make a large ghost to hang if you have a large old white shirt or sheet, or a bunch of smaller ones. All you need is a white square of fabric, anywhere from 5 inches by 5 inches to however large you choose (a paper towel or a few tissues can work too), and some scrap paper and string. First, lay the white square down flat. Then, make a small ball with the scrap paper (this will form the head), and place it in the middle of the white square. Wrap the fabric over the head, and tie a string tightly right under the ghost’s head, wrapping the string around the fabric a couple of times to secure it. Don’t cut the extra string, because this is what you will use to hang up your ghost, either from a curtain rod, a railing, or a tree branch, when you’re done. As a final touch, use a black marker to draw eyes and a mouth and then hang the ghosts inside or outside the house.

4. Window monsters: This simple Halloween decoration adds a whole lot of creepy – and fast! In fact, you don’t want to do this too many days before Halloween because it will darken your home. Measure a window that faces the street. Then cut open large black trash bags and tape them together so they form a rectangle the size of your window. Using scissors, cut out pairs of eyes randomly around the rectangle. Two big eyes here, two smaller slits there. Or just one GIANT set of eyes could work too. Now tape that black sheet over your window to cover it. Then, take colored tissue paper, like red, green, yellow, and orange, and tape different colors behind the eyes (on the side facing the inside of the home). Now, at night, when your lights are on and it’s dark out, people will pass by and it will look like there are monsters with green, red, or yellow eyes watching from inside.

5. Paper witches: Here's another awesome window decoration that is simple but effective too. On black construction paper, draw the basic outlines of a cat, a monster, or a witch with a broom. Cut these out, and tape to a window or glass door. At night, they’ll look like spooky shadows crossing through your home. Oooooooooh!


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What’s your favorite simple Halloween craft?

Lorraine Allen is a writer and mom to one spunky first-grader and one squirrel-obsessed dog. You can follow their allergy-friendly cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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