5 Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities

5 Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities

Stuck inside? Put on a craft party! Your little ones will love these festive ideas.

By: Emily Power

1. Thanksgiving Place Cards
Let your little ones have a hand in preparing for guests and the family dinner by having them decorate place cards for each individual. Keep it simple by cutting out place cards from paper they’ve painted or drawn on.

If you have older kids, let them decorate each place card individually with puff paints or stickers. Just fold the decorated paper in half to create a tent, and then write the name of the person on each one.

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2. Feather Hunt
After all the food, it’s time to run around! To help the kiddos get the wiggles out, hide feathers around the yard (or the home if it’s too chilly out) and set the little ones off hunting. Give a treat for each feather found or a prize to whoever finds the most feathers.

3. Make a Grateful Jar
Leading up to the fourth Thursday in November, take some time a couple evenings a week to have your family members write down what they’re thankful for on individual pieces of paper (of course, help your little ones if they can’t write yet). Put all the slips of paper into a large jar and on Thanksgiving Day, set aside time between dinner and dessert to read everyone’s answers aloud.


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It’ll be fun to see the similar and different responses.

4. Corn Husking Contest
Get the little ones to help you prep the meal! When it’s time to boil the corn, have a race with the kiddos to see who can husk five ears the fastest. Next thing you know, all your corn will be ready to go!

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5. Pine Cone Bird Feeders
Tie some string around the top part of a pinecone, roll it in peanut butter and then sprinkle bird feed all over it. Hang it outside from a tree or your porch and take some time to watch and be thankful for the little birds.

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