5 Valentine’s Day Crafts

5 Valentine’s Day Crafts

Simple projects to help your family enjoy Valentine’s Day festively.

By: Rae Friis

1. Clay Charms
Make charms by molding backing clay into different shapes and using toothpicks or stamps to create pictures and words. Before baking, poke a hole through each charm big enough to thread string through. Follow the directions on the clay's packaging to finish up. These also make cute pins, cufflinks or magnets.

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2. Confetti Hearts
These will add a valentine's touch to any room, and are fun to give away. First, gather colored paper and ask the kids to make confetti using hole punchers. (You can also just buy confetti at the store.) Cut two squares of clear contact paper for each heart you want to make. Peel the back off one sheet of contact paper, and sprinkle confetti all over it. Then, top with another sheet of contact paper. (The sticky sides of the contact paper should both be facing each other, with the confetti sandwiched in between.) Finally, cut the whole package out into a heart shape.

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3. Cupcake Liner Art
Fifteen minutes and two household supplies are all you need in order to create this understated valentine's decoration. Simply add a small piece of double-sided tape to the bottom of a bunch of cupcake liners, and arrange them on the wall in a simple heart shape.


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Tip: Before starting, put a test piece of tape on the wall to make sure it doesn't take the paint with it when it's time to take the liners down.

4. Felt Heart Messenger Park
Collect Valentine's Day cards and treats in this cute bag, and then hang it up for safekeeping. Start by cutting matching hearts out of the felt and layering them on top of each other, with each end of the ribbon sandwiched in between. Then, sew the hearts together with a needle and twine, leaving the top fourth of the heart open. This project is easy enough for older kids, and durable enough to use as a small bag long after the holiday has passed.

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5. Pom-Pom Craft
Pom-poms are versatile and add charm and texture to just about anything. For this project, fill an embroidery hoop with fabric and hot-glue pom-poms in the shape of a scarf. You could also stitch them onto a pillow, or a cozy sweater, top or scarf to add some love day festiveness to your child's wardrobe.

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