Cardboard Box Art Museum

Cardboard Box Art Museum

Use organizer Fay Wolf’s instructions to keep, store and display your kids’ artwork.

Need a great way to preserve and display your kids’ masterpieces? Use this unique idea to keep the art you love but may not have room to hang up anymore.

Children’s artwork
Banker’s box (or cardboard box)
Decoupage glue
Sponge brush
Cup or bowl
(2) Picture frames with flip up glass fronts

Before you begin setting out all your materials, begin by sorting through all the art with your children. Create two piles: one for pieces you will keep (“Yes” pile), and one for art you will get rid of (“No” pile). If nobody remembers creating a specific piece, it’s a good indicator you should put it in the “No” pile and move it on.

Once you have your two groups, go through the “Yes” pile and pick out two pieces of art everyone agrees should be displayed. Place the artwork inside of the frames.


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Tip: Picture frames where the glass flips up and make it really easy to change out the art as your young artist continues creating!

Storage Box Instructions

  1. Go to the “No” pile and pick out artwork you and your child both agree can be cut up and used to decorate the side of the box
  2. Cut the artwork into enough sizes and shapes to cover the box
  3. In a well-ventilated area, open the decoupage mix, pour it into a cup or bowl and begin applying it to the side of the box with a foam brush
  4. Press the artwork pieces into the decoupage
  5. Brush over the artwork with another layer of decoupage, which glues and seals the art, leaving a nice and smooth finish
  6. Repeat this process on the lid of the box
  7. Let both the box and the lid dry (The decoupage will have a white layer that disappears once it dry)
  8. When the box is dry, fill it with the artwork you sorted into the “Yes” pile

While this cardboard box art museum is a great way to spend some time with the kids crafting, it’s also a place to put artwork as your child continues to create.

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