Custom Crib Walls

Custom Crib Walls

Follow Amy Devers’ instructions to create a custom wall panel and headboard.

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This wall panel creates a striking headboard for a crib or a child’s bed, and can be customized to your décor based on the fabric and felt stencil of your choice.

Sheet of 1⁄2-inch plywood (measuring the height of the room)
Sheet of copy paper
Staple gun
Durable fabric (of your choice)
Decorative twine
Self-adhesive dots
French cleat



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  1. At your local hardware store, have the plywood cut to the width of crib and height of the room
  2. Determine what kind of shape you would like to incorporate into your panels and create a handmade stencil using a pen and piece of paper. Cut out your stencil with a pair of scissors
  3. Using the handmade stencil, cut out felt patterns that will be attached to the completed panels
  4. Cut the batting to the same dimensions as the plywood. Cover the plywood with the batting, making sure the edges are aligned and staple in place around the edges, every 3 to 4 inches, using the staple gun
  5. Measure and cut the fabric you selected to be slightly larger on all sides than the plywood
  6. Lay the fabric face down on a clean surface, with the plywood and batting centered on top, batting-side face down. Carefully fold the edges of the fabric over onto the plywood. Staple the fabric to the plywood edges about every 8 to 12 inches apart — starting in the center of the plywood and working your way out to prevent wrinkles
  7. Using decorative twine and a needle, stitch a unique border around the pre-cut felt patterns. To attach the felt patterns, apply self-adhesive dots or strips to the panel and shapes and secure the patterns into place
  8. Attach the completed panel to the wall using a French cleat, which you can purchase at your local hardware store. Screw the two back ends of the cleat into place, on the wall where you would like your panel. Attach the front end of the cleat to the panel itself by screwing it in. Before continuing, make sure the front and back pieces are aligned properly. Hold the panel to the wall and slide it into place

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