DIY Antiqued Mirror

DIY Antiqued Mirror

Give mirrors an antiqued look and add them to your bookshelves for a special touch.

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Add a luxurious touch to your bookshelf with DIY antiqued mirrors.

Tape measure
1/4-inch mirror panes
Rubber gloves
Paint stripper
Paper towels
Plastic putty knife
Drop cloth
Safety glasses
Muriatic acid (or hydrochloric acid; available at local hardware stores)
Spray bottle
All-purpose construction adhesive
(2) 1x4 Douglas fir side trim pieces (79 1⁄4")
(1) 1x4 Douglas fir top trim piece (35 3⁄4”)
(1) Thin bread trim molding (36 1⁄4”)
(1) Trim molding, style of your choice (36 1⁄4”) Skill saw
120-grit sandpaper
Nail gun
2” brad nails
Caulk gun


For the mirror:

  1. Measure the opening of each shelf on the bookcase
  2. Take the mirror(s) and the measurements to a local frame shop to have them cut the mirror(s) down to size
  3. Lay the mirror in a well-ventilated area. With rubber gloves on, apply paint stripper to the painted back of the mirror. Spread the paint stripper out with a brush or paper towel and let it sit for several minutes
  4. Once the paint begins to bubble, take a plastic putty knife and scrape the paint away
  5. Lay the mirror out on a drop cloth. Put on thick rubber gloves, safety glasses, a facemask and have plenty of water on hand. (Keep the muriatic acid away from children at all times)
  6. Put the muriatic acid in a spray bottle and begin spraying the acid over the mirror. Note that the acid will remove the reflective surface of the mirror so apply it lightly at first to get an idea of the effect. After a minute, wipe the acid away with a paper towel. Continue applying the acid until you are happy with the effect. Thoroughly clean the mirror with water and wash away the excess acid. Wipe clean with paper towels as needed
  7. Dry the mirror with clean paper towels and allow the mirror to dry completely
  8. Repeat steps 3 to 7 to antique each mirror and allow drying before proceeding with step 10
  9. Lay the first mirror out on a flat surface with the antiqued side facedown. Attach a mirror to the back of each shelf. Apply small beads of construction adhesive around the perimeter of the mirror. Press the mirror into place in the back of the first shelf. Hold in place for 1 minute until the adhesive begins to dry. (The construction adhesive will go on white but will dry clear)
  10. Repeat step nine to attach the remaining mirrors

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For the trim:

  1. Measure the perimeter of the bookcase and wall opening, and decide how much molding you need. Write down your measurements and cut the pieces of molding with a skill saw, or go to a local hardware store to have them cut the pieces for you
  2. Use 120-grit sandpaper to smooth out dings or imperfections in the wood. Wipe the excess dust away with a rag
  3. Use a brush and rag to stain the molding and the kickboard with a wood stain
  4. Apply the stain along the wood grain and wipe away any access with a rag. Let the trim dry
  5. Line the trim up flush with the sides of the bookcase. Attach the stained trim to the wall by driving 2-inch brad nails through the trim and into the wall. Continue adding trim to the top, building up as desired

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