DIY Cat Bed

DIY Cat Bed

Your cat will love lounging in this fun custom kitty bed designed by Nicole Gibbons.

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Create a cozy little hideout for your kitty from an old TV cabinet.

Old cabinet TV
Drill with a Philips head screw bit
80-grit sanding block
Damp rag
Vacuum (with a hose attachment)
Paint roller or paintbrush
Hand staple gun
Cat bed (optional)
Piece of wood (optional)
Batting (optional)
Fabric (optional)


For the TV cabinet :

  1. Place the old cabinet TV face down on the ground
  2. Use a drill with a Philips head screw bit to remove the screws that are holding the TV backing in place
  3. Remove all the screws inside the TV that are holding the TV tube in place
  4. With gloves on, pull the TV tube straight up and out of the old cabinet. (If necessary, use scissors to cut any wires or cords that are connecting the TV to the old cabinet.) Set the TV tube down on a soft surface and out of the way. You can recycle the TV tube at a local electronic recycling drop site
  5. Use a sand block with 80-grit sandpaper on the outside of the TV cabinet to scratch up the shiny lacquered finish. This will give the paint a surface to stick to
  6. Wipe the outside of the TV cabinet with a damp rag to remove the excess dust and dirt. Clean out the inside of the TV cavity with a vacuum to remove old dust and debris, if necessary
  7. Use a paint roller or brush to apply a coat of primer to the outside and the inside of the TV cabinet. Make sure to paint the back panel of the TV cabinet, as you will reattach the back in a later step. Let everything dry
  8. Apply a coat of paint in the color of your choice to the outside and inside of the TV cabinet. Again, make sure to paint the back panel of the TV cabinet. Let everything dry

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For the cat bed :
Either purchase a premade cat bed that fits inside the TV cabinet, or make your own. To make your own, you’ll need a piece of wood, cut to size so that it fits inside the TV cabinet. Give yourself 1⁄2 and inch around all sides to account for the fabric and batting.

  1. Spread the batting out and set the wood piece on top. Secure the batting to the wood by folding each edge over the wood and stapling it to the backside. Finish securing the batting on all four sides, placing a staple every 2 inches
  2. Spread the fabric out with the pattern side facedown. Pull the fabric over the wood and staple it to the backside. Continue on this side, placing staples every inch. Move to the opposite side of the wood, pull the fabric tight, fold it over the wood, and secure with a staple every inch. Repeat this process to finish the two remaining sides

Tip: To fold the corners, tuck one side of fabric in and fold the rest over the wood. Secure the fabric with several staples and repeat this for each corner.

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