DIY Curtain Ring Embellishments

DIY Curtain Ring Embellishments

Adorn curtain rings in simple ways to add personal touches to your home décor.

By: Sheri Silver

Simple curtain rings are inexpensive and easy to embellish. Let them serve as a decorative touch for holding up curtains, or personalize them for use as ornaments, napkin holders, garlands, cute candle holders and more with our how-to guide.

Yarn-Wrapped Rings

What You’ll Need
Plastic or wooden curtain rings
Glue gun

*Tip: Use shades of yarn that start at the darkest and end at the lightest to create an ombre effect.

Tip: The size of the ring and thickness of your yarn will determine how much you’ll need. Use the first ring as a good starting reference.


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  1. Glue down one end of the yarn to one end of the ring.
  2. Begin wrapping, adding another drop of glue at the end.
  3. Set ring aside.
  4. Repeat with remaining rings, using progressively lighter or darker colored yarn.
  5. Hang curtains, starting with the darkest colored ring and ending with the lightest.

Tip: Use twine, ribbon, fabric scraps or even lanyard in place of yarn. Add embellishments such as glitter, beads, charms or rhinestones with more glue.

Curtain Ring Inspiration
Embellish your curtain rings to fit your design style and use them in unexpected ways like:

  • Napkin holders: Roll up cloth or Bounty paper napkins and secure them with decorative rings.
  • Candle holders: Stack the rings together and place a tea light inside.
  • Small vases: Stack the rings together and place a small glass inside.
  • Garland: Link decorative rings together on string or twine to create a garland.
  • Ornaments: Paint or embellish them in holiday fashion to use as holiday ornaments.
  • Mini dream catchers: Wrap string from end-to-end, creating a web. Glue on mini feathers and turquoise beads before hanging it up.
  • Decorative storage: Attach curtain rings to a towel bar, hang a wire mesh basket from it and use to store toiletries, stuffed animals or craft supplies.

Sheri is a landscape designer, mom of three and lifestyle writer. You can find her on her
blog, Donuts, Dresses and Dirt, where she writes about baking, cooking, gardening, parenting and her adventures in and around New York City.

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