DIY Dry Erase Board

DIY Dry Erase Board

Use designer Kenneth Wingard’s instructions to craft a homemade dry erase board.

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Turn a door into a customized, functional message station with the help of the experts fro Home Made Simple TV.

1/4”-thick Acrylic glass sheeting
Hollow core door
Exterior latex paint with primer included
Paint roller and pan
Roll of wallpaper
Box cutter
Spray adhesive Impact driver drill
(4) 1 5/8” truss head screws


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  1. Have the acrylic sheet cut to the width and height of the hollow core door at your local glass or framing store.
  2. Paint the hollow core door using the paint roller and paintbrush and allow the paint to dry. Follow with an additional coat if need be.
  3. Once the paint has dried, measure the wallpaper to the height of the door and cut it to size using the box cutter. If the wallpaper is wider than the door, cut off about 2” on both the left and right side of the paper, which will act as a border for the finished project.
  4. Spray adhesive onto the entire backside of the paper. Carefully lay the wallpaper, sticky side down, directly in the center of the door, making sure the top and bottom edges are aligned. There should be a border of the painted door that peeks out on each side.
  5. Remove any air bubbles with a plastic card or straight edge before the adhesive has time to fully dry.
  6. Lay the acrylic sheets over the top of the wallpaper and secure it in place using the impact driver drill and one truss head screw in each corner. 

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