DIY Serving Trays

DIY Serving Trays

Here are a few DIY ideas for making serving trays — using materials you already have.

By: Melissa A. Kay

It’s always lovely to serve family and guests from a decorative tray — especially one that’s homemade. There’s no need to shop for fancy trays when you can make your own. Your family and friends will be intrigued by the fabulous trays as much as they delight in what’s being served upon them. Let’s get started!

Cabinet Shelf (or Door) with Handles

Before you get rid of that old or broken down small cabinet, think about using one of the shelves as a useful serving tray. Clean thoroughly and remove any nails before letting the kids have at it. The kids can glue decorations around the edges, using buttons, rhinestones, felt cutouts or even small magnets. You can also keep the look clean with a simple monogram in the center. Next, in order to carry the tray with ease, simply screw two handles securely on either side of the tray. Get the handles from the old cabinet door or at your local hardware store. The next time you pass a yard sale, keep an eye out for cabinets to repurpose into serving trays! You can even keep the cabinet to store the trays when not in use. Take a look at some more cabinet revamp ideas.


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Stretched Canvas

Do you have an unused canvas stretched on wood you always meant to paint on? Now is your chance to transform that canvas into a serving tray. Anything larger than 16” height or width may be too large to carry, so keep that in mind. If you don’t have one at home, you can purchase one cheaply at an art supply store. Together with the kids, paint or draw food and drink themed images, such as fruits, vegetables, pastas and pastries. When you are not using the canvas as a serving tray, you can hang it in the kitchen or dining room as an update to your décor!

Stool Seat Servers

If you are redecorating and plan to replace old stools, you can use the seat portion as a funky round serving tray. Dismantle the stool carefully and clean well. Whichever side is flattest should be used as the top of the tray. While it may look pretty already, you can always take it up a notch with some crafty decorating. Keep the work on the edges. Let the kids glue ribbon, rope or silk flowers around the edges of the stool top. You can also sew the family initials into the top, depending on the material. These trays will look so pretty, you can keep them on display on your coffee table when you are done serving. If you have another stool not in use, check out this fun garden craft.

Have you made a DIY serving tray? We’d love to hear about it!

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