DIY Starburst Mirror

DIY Starburst Mirror

Use designer Nicole Gibbons’s instructions to create an easy metallic starburst mirror.

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Brighten up a fireplace or wall with this gorgeous starburst mirror made with upcycled wooden dowels.

Face mask
Safety glasses
(15) 1⁄4” Wooden dowels, 4’ long
(10) 1⁄2” Wooden dowels, 4’ long
Metallic spray paint (color of your choice)
Drop cloth
Circular mirror
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Painter’s tape


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Be sure to wear the face mask and safety glasses during the cutting and painting portions of this project.


1. Cut the 1/4” wooden dowels down to 12” sections, and the 1/2” wooden dowels down to 10” sections. You can have the hardware store do this for you.
2. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the dowels on the drop cloth with the metallic spray paint and let dry.
3. Turn the mirror face down on. Measure 2” down from the mirror edge and mark with a pencil. Measure 2” to the left of this first mark and make a second mark. Continue making marks every 2” around the entire edge of the mirror.
4. Place a bead of hot glue along the first mark, and press a larger (12”) dowel into the hot glue. (About an inch and a half of the dowel should be hidden behind the mirror and sticking in the hot glue.) Continue around the rest of the mirror and hot glue 12” dowels at every mark you’ve made.
5. Work your way around the mirror placing the smaller 10” dowels on either side of the larger 12” dowels to fill in the gaps.
6. Once the glue has dried and the dowels are secure, flip the mirror over. Tape and cover the entire mirror surface to protect the glass from paint. In a well-ventilated area, spray the mirror and dowels with an even coat of metallic paint and let dry.

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