Felt Like Fall: DIY Felt Wreath

Felt Like Fall: DIY Felt Wreath

Fall is in the air. Hang it on your door too with this simple DIY felt wreath craft.

It’s time to put summer away and decorate for fall, but it’s not quite time yet for holiday décor. Instead of looking at bare walls and empty mantels waiting for Halloween to get here, here’s a fun, simple craft project that even the kids can do. Bring in fall a little early, and you can keep up all season.

Here’s how to make a fall felt wreath.

Foam wreath
Twine or yarn
Tape (optional)
Pencil or chalk
Felt (various colors)
Glue gun

1. Wrap the foam wreath in the yarn (you can use multiple colors of yarn, or even multi-colored yarn) or twine, depending on the look you’re going for. Tape or hold the start of the yarn to the wreath and then wrap and pull snug, wrap and pull snug, wrap and pull snug – making sure each new wrap is directly next to the last one – until you get all the way around.

Tip: Skip the wrapping tedium and just buy a grapevine wreath. You’ll be able to attach the felt leaves directly to the vines. It’s a different look, certainly, but a slightly easier project.

2. Download and print our free leaf templates. Cut out your template, lay it on the felt and use a pencil or chalk to trace the outline of the shape. Or, use some tape to secure the template to the material and cut directly.


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Other potential leaf materials include:

  • Metallic paper
  • Pages from old books
  • Wrapping paper
  • Actual leaves (you’ll just need to store it carefully if you want to use it again next year). You can even spray paint the leaves if you’re going for specific colors.

3. Cut out the leaves from the felt. When cutting felt, use small scissors with a sharp point to cut out detailed shapes. You can use larger scissors to cut out the outline of a shape, but they must be sharp to make a clean cut.

4. You’ll probably want to position all the leaves first to get a good idea of how you want it to look – overlapping them, including space between them or pointing them in all different directions. Once you’ve got it the way you want, simply pick up each leaf one at a time and hot glue it onto the wreath. If you do overlap them, you can definitely glue one leaf to another.

We want to see your wreath! Share a photo of your finished product on our Facebook page and let us know how it went!

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That's a great alternative to use pre-made leaves Mzrosemary!

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You can make a similar wreath that is more realistic much easier. DollarTree has packages of silk type loose leaves about 40 for a dollar. I have purchased from DollarTree in the past lengths of leaf garland. Last year, I purchased several Fall flower bunches from DollarTree and a grapevine wreath. I split them up to get stems and made a fall wreath from that. To separate the stems from the bunch use wire pliers. Using the bunches was much less expensive than buying individual stems.

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