Hispanic Heritage Month Crafts for Kids

Hispanic Heritage Month Crafts for Kids

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in DIY style with these fun, kid-friendly craft ideas!

By: Lucy Lopez

It’s time to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! What better way to start than with a few fun and easy crafts? I’ve come up with 5 ideas to celebrate our different cultures. This is the perfect way to not only celebrate your heritage, but also to teach your kids about others. 

1. Cereal box piñata (Mexico)
One of my favorite childhood memories was going to birthday parties with piñatas. Maybe your child’s birthday is this month or maybe you’ll throw a mini-Hispanic Heritage Month party with your kids! This cereal box idea makes constructing your own piñata super easy and could even double as a recycling lesson.

Cereal box
Duct tape
Clear tape
Twine or string
Tissue paper


1. Add in different kinds of treats to the cereal box. You could do this with your kids or by yourself so it remains a surprise - not knowing what was going to come out of the piñata was seemingly the best part!

2. Duct tape the top of the cereal box and attach your string or twine. Make sure it is fully secured before you move on

3. Cut 3 to 4-inch strips of tissue paper to wrap around the box. To make them look like tassels, cut little slits within the strip

Tip: Have fun with your color and pattern combinations! You could even theme the colors to match the flag of your specific heritage. If I were making one to celebrate my Puerto Rican heritage, I’d probably choose different variations of blue, red and maybe silver for a pop of shine.

4. Cover the top of the box with remaining tissue paper or create little bundles to look like flowers to attach to the top of your cereal box turned piñata

2. Sugar skull flower pot (Mexico)
One of the most well-known and colorful parts of Mexican culture is sugar skulls. This craft allows for creativity and creating unique sugar skull designs for individualized flower pots. Add in your favorite flower or succulent and you’re done!

Note: Succulent plants are a great option for kids, especially because they don’t require much care. This can be a good green thumb lesson in the making!

Clay flower pots
White spray paint
Paint pens
Plant & soil (optional)
Sugar skull design inspiration (print out)


1. Spray paint the flower pots in a well ventilated area, outside is recommended. Two to three coats should cover coat the pot fully. I recommend a paint that dries matte to create a flawless blank canvas. Allow the pots to dry fully before using paint pens

2. Once dry, grab your sugar skull design print out for inspiration. Let the kids pick their favorite design and use that as a guide while painting

3. Finally, decide what to do with your pots. If you want to use them for a plant, now’s the time to add in soil and your flower or succulent. You could also use them for storage, like hair accessories, coloring supplies or a place for everyone to put their keys

Tip: Accidentally get paint on your clothes while crafting? No problem! Try Tide Pods to clean, remove stains and brighten even your dirtiest clothes.

3. Flamenco dancer flower hair accessory (Spain)
One of the most beautiful parts of Hispanic culture is the aspect of dance. Whether you’re talking about the tango in Argentina or the flamenco in Spain, one thing that always stands out is the traditional outfits.

Rich colors are found in their costuming, like reds and hot pinks, and flamenco dancers tend to always have a flower in their hair. For those of you with daughters who enjoy their accessories, this craft is super easy (and glittery).

Fake flowers
Bobby pins or headbands
Clear glue
Paper plates
Hot glue gun


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1. Remove your fake flowers from their plastic vines

Tip: When choosing your flowers, roses, cayenas and peonies will replicate the most traditional look!

2. Decide if headbands or bobby pins are the best option for your little girl. Sticking with the traditional look, I think black thin headbands would be the best option. As for bobby pins, you can purchase them to match the color of hair nowadays, so opt for blonde or brunette. Keep in mind, the larger the bobby pin, the sturdier it is!

3. Next you’ll need to make the flowers sparkle! Take your paper plate and pour out a small amount of glitter onto it

4. Put a small amount of clear glue around the petals of the flowers, focusing on the edges, then dip the flowers into the glitter and shake off lightly to remove excess. Allow to dry before attaching to the hair piece

5. With a hot glue gun, attach the flower to the headband or bobby pin. If you chose to use the headband you’ll want to try it on your daughter first to see what spot is best. You’ll want the flower to be right above her ear

Now if she rocks her flower accessory on the school bus, she’ll be able to give other kids a little mini lesson about flamenco dancers!

4. DIY güiro (Puerto Rico)
One of my fondest childhood memories is definitely having a parranda at my house during the holidays. When I was tired of shaking the maracas, my dad handed me a güiro. I asked what it was and he said I just had to rub the stick up and down the ridges. It’s one of the most kid-friendly instruments and you can make one at home with items you find around the kitchen.

Empty, clean tin cans
Chopsticks or sticks
Rubber bands
Rice (if you want to make it a maraca, too!)


1. Make sure your tin can’s edges are not jagged, otherwise the balloon “lid” will rip. There are openers that leave a clean edge. If you want to make a güiro and maraca, now’s the time to add a tiny bit of rice to your tin can

2. Cut off the end of the balloon. Stretch the balloon over the edge of the can and secure with rubber band

3. Turn on some parranda music and show your kiddo how to play along with their new güiro!

5. Hispanic country flag hand wreath
Hispanic Heritage Month is all about celebrating todas las culturas, not just our own! When doing this craft with your kids, take the time to learn a little bit about each country when you’re looking up their flag. You might even learn something new, too!

White construction paper or cardstock
Flag inspiration (print out)
Coloring supplies of choice (markers, crayons, colored pencils)


1. Have your kids trace their hand on the white paper and cut them out

2. Use the flag inspiration to have them draw the flag design on their hand patterns

3. Layer the hands on top of each other gluing them in a circle to create your flag wreath

I hope you and your family enjoy being creative together and if your kids learn something along the way, even better! If you try any of these crafts with your kids, share them with us on the Orgullosa Facebook page.

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