Homemade Bird Nests

Homemade Bird Nests

Turn an old wreath into a decorative bird nests with our easy-to-follow instructions.

Mini grapevine wreaths
Spanish moss
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Variety of twigs, bark, lichen and/or yarn for decorating

Tip: Looking for items to decorate your nest is half the fun, so plan a hike to gather your goodies. You can use any combination of natural and man-made embellishments.



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  1. Start with three or four mini grapevine wreaths in graduating sizes, then stack them to create the base of the nest. Secure them together using hot glue. Feel free to use just one wreath, too
  2. Line the interior of the nest with Spanish moss, creating a soft bed and gluing as necessary
  3. Finish the nest by decorating it with any variety of found twigs, dried grass, leaves, bark, yarn or other natural items. Remember, there is no correct way to design it. The more irregular, the more natural it will look

Tip: For quick spring place settings, stuff teacups with Spanish moss or shredded paper and top each with a single natural or decorated egg.

Bird Nest Decorating Ideas
Add some speckled quail eggs, feathers or pretty colored yarn, or place a LED votive candle in the center.

Uses for DIY Bird Nests
Bird nests are lovely as centerpieces at a garden wedding and perfect for spring decorating. They also make wonderful outdoor garden decorations, and maybe a lucky bird will even find a new home.

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