Repurposed Embroidery Hoops

Repurposed Embroidery Hoops

Transform your unused embroidery hoops into fun crafts and beautiful décor.

Bring new life to your unused embroidery hoops with these simple and pretty décor crafts.

Mason Jar Organizers
Visit your local craft store to find embroidery hoops small enough to fit snuggly around Mason jars. Screw or attach embroidery hoops to the wall. Slip your Mason jars into the hoops and tighten the bracket.
Tip: Fill your jar organizers with small craft supplies, paintbrushes or toiletries for easy access!

Simple Floral Embellishment


(2) 10- to 12-inch embroidery hoops
Floral wire
2 palm, Cana or banana leaves
2 Calla lilies
3 Hydrangea blossoms


  1. Connect the two hoops together and offset with floral wire
  2. Lay two leaves across the overlapping section of the hoops — one pointing up to the right and the other down to the left
  3. Place each of the lilies facing the same direction as the leaves
  4. Attach lilies and leaves to the hoops with floral wire
  5. Set the Hydrangeas on top of the leaves and lilies, in the center, then secure with wire to the hoops

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Tip: Hang the floral header on a small nail or hook at the point where the two circular rings underneath the arrangement intersect.

Simple DIY Lantern


1 6-outlet power strip
1 6-inch diameter cylindrical white lampshade
Hot glue gun
2 8-inch embroidery hoops
2 10-inch embroidery hoops
1 single light socket extension cord
1 threaded eye bolt


  1. Determine the closest power source to where the lantern will hang and plug in the power strip
  2. Apply a 2-inch strip of hot glue to the inside of one 8-inch wooden hoops, then slide it over the lampshade and press the glued section against the shade. Hold for one minute until dry
  3. Glue a 10-inch hoop a couple of inches above the 8-inch hoop, attaching it to the opposite side of the shade
  4. Repeat the process with another 8- and 10-inch hoop
  5. Thread a single light socket extension cord through the top of the lantern and secure the light bulb end to the inside of the lampshade

Tip: Screw a threaded eye bolt in desired location for the lamp to hang. Drape the extension cord over the threaded eye hook, and plug in to power strip. Additional extension cords may be needed to reach desired power source.

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