Salvaged Wood Sofa

Salvaged Wood Sofa

Try Kim Myles’ tips for updating your family’s couch with salvaged wood trim.

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Salvage or reclaimed wood (any type you desire)
220-grit sand paper
Soft bristled brush
Clear shellac
Medium paintbrush
Nail gun
1 3⁄4-inch brad nails
Cordless drill driver
2 3/8-inch trim head screws
Vacuum cleaner
Decorative pillows


  1. Have the wood cut according to the sofa’s armrest and kickboard dimensions. The number of wood pieces you need will depend on your existing sofa’s size and the size of the salvage wood pieces that you choose

Tip: Architectural salvage yards are a great place to find salvage wood. Some yards may even cut the wood to size for you at the time of purchase.

  1. Sand the reclaimed wood with the 220-grit sandpaper to gently smooth out the wood and remove any splinters. Brush the pieces of wood with the soft bristled brush to remove any sawdust
  2. Once the sawdust has been removed, brush shellac onto the wood with the paintbrush. Be sure to go along the grain of the wood for an even coat. Apply 2-3 coats of the shellac and allow about an hour of drying time in between each coat. The shellac will protect the wood from dust, chipping, moisture and splinters
  3. Once the shellac has dried, lay the wood pieces onto the sofa’s armrests and kick boards where they will be installed
  4. Using the nail gun and nails, loosely secure the trim boards to the armrests and kick boards of the sofa. Be sure to line up your nails with the internal wood structure or “skeleton” of the sofa. You only need to apply a few nails to hold the trim in place, so spacing them about 10 inches apart is fine

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Tip: Push onto the armrest and kickboards of your couch to locate the wooden “skeleton.” This is where you’ll want to drive the nails.

  1. Once the trim pieces have been loosely secured by the nails, use the drill and screws to firmly secure the trim to the sofa, driving the screws into the wood skeleton inside of the sofa. Space these screws about 8-12 inches apart, in pairs
  2. With the sofa completely trimmed with the wood, vacuum all of the sofa cushions to remove any loose debris

Tip: Use an upholstery spot cleaner to remove any stains that may exist. For added protection, apply a coat of fabric and upholstery repellant, according to the manufacturer’s directions.

  1. Top the now cleaned sofa with new pillows and blankets of your choice to create a cushy nest

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