Tips For Giving Gifts To Teachers That Show How Much They’re Appreciated

Tips For Giving Gifts To Teachers That Show How Much They’re Appreciated

Get unique ideas for teacher’s gifts that say they are appreciated.

By: The Daily Clutch

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We know the pressures of making a good impression with your kiddos’ teachers, and sending in a sweet little present can be one more added pressure.

We’ve been scouring for ideas and polling our hard-working teachers to pull together a list of tips and practical and creative gift ideas that will score some brownie points with your child’s teachers this year:

Make a List of Teachers

First things first. Make a list of the teachers and other administrators that make an impact on your child’s school day. Here’s a handy list, in case you need it:


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Specials teachers: music, gym, art, media

Administrative members: school nurse, counselor, cafeteria aides, car drop-off and pick-up aides, principal, assistant principal, secretary/office lead

Make a Game Plan

Think about the relationship your child has with each teacher, and decide if that warrants a “unique” gift with a personal-touch, or a small gesture that can be bought in “bulk” and then divvied-up and given to multiple teachers/administrators. And decide if time is on your side when determining if you should tackle hand-made gifts or go store-bought. Here are some ideas for all types.

Buy in Bulk and Add a Personal Touch

  1. Gift cards for coffee, treats or lunch.
  2. Unique school supplies – teachers love supplies, so don’t be shy with finding a few supplies and then bundling them together.
  3. Candy – homemade candy or treats can be personal, or buy unique store-bought treats.
  4. Plants — look for plants that are adorable and petite, and don’t require too much attention.

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