Wooden Birdhouse Nightlights

Wooden Birdhouse Nightlights

Create enchanting nightlights from wooden birdhouses with Amy Devers’ easy instructions.

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These adorable wooden birdhouses are charming wall décor pieces and can be used as nightlights in a nursery or children’s room.

Pre-made, unpainted wood birdhouses
Safety glasses
Drill bit (large enough to allow clearance of saw blade)
Carpentry clamp (optional)
Jigsaw or handsaw
Self-adhesive strips or hot glue and hot glue gun
Battery-operated light bulb(s) (can be found at most craft stores)
Nails, screws or hooks for hanging



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  1. Flip the birdhouse over onto its roof, holding it in place with your hand. Following the four walls of the birdhouse, draw a perimeter about 1⁄4 inch in from the edges
  2. Protect your eyes with safety glasses, then use a drill and drill bit to drill out four clearance holes at each corner of the perimeter box your drew in step one. This will allow room for the saw to maneuver. Stabilize each birdhouse using a clamp. Cut along the drawn lines using either a handsaw or jigsaw — connecting your clearance holes as you go
  3. Remove the square cut out from the bottom of the house
  4. Install a battery-operated light by applying self-adhesive strips or hot glue to the battery pack and to the light. Adhere both to the inside wall of the birdhouse
  5. Hang, nail or screw the birdhouse light in the desired location in the ceiling or on the wall. Most premade birdhouses come with a hanging mechanism. If yours does not, you can drill a hole into the back of the house and hang it with standard picture hanging hardware

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