Crafting ‘til Your Heart’s Content: Doilies and Other Heart-shaped Décor

Cut out these Valentine’s Day-themed crafts ‘til your heart’s content.

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you and your family? Maybe a little, maybe a lot. But either way, this middle-of-the-month tradition evokes memories of foil-covered, heart-stamped boxes for little hands to drop in their Valentine cards and candy.

So if you’re looking for a distraction –or just some heart-shaped fun with the family – these crafting ideas will add a little color to your day.

3-D Heart Garland with Craft Paper


Craft paper
Heart template
Twine or ribbon


  • Download and print our heart template, and then cut along the lines*
  • With various colors and patterns of cardstock or thick craft paper, trace and cut out one each of the heart templates
  • Layer from largest to smallest, folding each heart in half, except for the largest heart
  • Staple down the middle fold line
  • Thread the hearts together with thin string or hot glue them to a ribbon, baker’s twine or yarn

*Tip: Make your own template by drawing four identical heart shapes, cutting them out and then trimming off more of the sides with each heart.

We Heart Napkin Doilies
Grab the kids and craft your heart out with these easy napkin doilies. Decorate tables and trays, and let little ones help, too!

Red, white or pink colored napkins
Pencil (optional)


  1. Fold one napkin in half, diagonally
  2. Fold the napkin again and match up the edges
  3. Using a pencil, trace one-half of a heart shape on the napkin
  4. Cut out the heart shape (or skip step 3, if you’re confident cutting them out freehand).
  5. Open up the heart and voila: You’ve created a doily

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day craft?


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