DIY Bath Tissue Holder

Craft two decorative, functional bath tissue holders for your guest bathroom.

By: Torri Grant

Having a decorative bath tissue holder is always a luxurious touch in a home, especially when overnight guests are coming. The opposite is true for bath tissue sitting in plain view. Use our simple, cost-effective way to make a functional home for bath tissue using an oatmeal canister.

1. Covered Bath Tissue Holder

Fabric or wrapping paper
Large oatmeal canister
Hot glue gun
Ribbon and other decorating items


    1. Cut a section of fabric of wrapping paper to match the height of the canister and make sure it’s long enough to wrap around a few times.
    2. Hot glue the last edge to seal
    3. Let glue dry completely
    4. Decorate the wrapped canister with ribbon and other seasonal decorations or labels

2. Rope-Wrapped Bath Tissue Holder

Large oatmeal canister
Hot glue gun
Jute rope
Ribbon and other decorating items


    1. Hot glue the rope around the entire base going from bottom to top
    2. Once the first row has been glued, finish tightly wrapping the rope all the way around the entire canister and all the way to the top
    3. Adjust the rope along the way to fill any gaps.
    4. Hot glue the entire top row to secure the rope to the canister
    5. Use a small amount of hot glue (for ease of removal) to affix colorful ribbons, twigs, holly, jingle bells or labels.
    6. Place it on the floor next to the toilet, or leave it on the back for your extra rolls

is a wife and mother of two boys. Her blog Lil' Mrs. Tori is her creative outlet where she shares her latest craft projects and inspirations.



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