DIY Family Rules Décor

Present your family’s words to live by in decorative ways with our easy décor ideas.

They shape our homes and how we live, so why not showcase family rules in a stylish way? Learn how easy it is to display your family rules as handmade décor and, in just an afternoon’s time, show off what your family stands for.

Determine Your Rules
During your next family dinner, discuss your home’s rules. Allow everyone to offer suggestions, and record principles everyone agrees on. If you’re short on ideas, propose a few of these options:

  • Be honest
  • Give thanks
  • Help others
  • Stay positive
  • Love all
  • Dream big
  • Keep promises
  • Have fun
  • Laugh often

Decoratively Present Your Rules
Once you’ve determined your rules, showcase them for all to see in one of five creative ways:

  1. On a Ladder: Write, stamp or stencil each rule onto a different piece of scrapbook paper, or print the words on decorative paper. Tie your rules to the rungs of a repurposed ladder and they’ll truly stand out
  2. In Frames: Place each rule in a frame or shadow box, and then set your ideals on a mantel, entryway table or arrange them on a wall
  3. On a Board: Paint your rules onto a charming piece of repurposed material, like rustic wood. Paint a few coats of chalkboard paint on wood and write each word or phrase in a different style, size or chalk color for variation. To signify the permanence of your principles, spray a clear coat (as a sealant) atop your chalkboard
  4. As a Collage: From a dictionary or magazine, cut out the words for your family’s rules and decoupage them onto a thick stock of paper, forming a collage. When framed, your decorative family rules can make a great gift for nearly any occasion
  5. On a Wall: Stencil your rules onto a wall with purchased stencils from your local craft store. You can also find a quote that speaks to your family’s ideals and use it in place of listed rules. Try this project in an entryway, dining room or living room as a welcoming reminder of what your home stands for

What family rules would you list on your décor? Share them with the community by leaving a comment.



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