DIY Kid-friendly Crafts for a Full House

This Thanksgiving, create a craft space that entertains all ages all day long.

The next time you’re planning a party and need ideas for entertaining the kids, try setting up an area for just for them. Digging into crafts geared to a variety of ages will help keep them engaged with each other and occupied throughout the pre-meal festivities.


Get everyone gathered in one, centralized crafting zone. Set up a card table with the supplies in a small room in your house. This way, everything they’ll need will be in one place that’s out of the way and totally theirs.


Set up a few classic fall or Thanksgiving-themed crafts and let them go wild. You can print out some instructions to limit the number of times they’ll need to find you with questions. Be sure to include crafts for a range of ages, but make sure the craft area is safe and easily supervised.


Yummy Cornucopias

Not so much a craft, but the kids will love it either way. Have them fill waffle ice cream cones with candy corn and other sweet treats (or berries and fruit slices). Help them cover their bundle with clear cellophane and use any type of ribbon to tie around the plastic. Voila! A sweet-filled treat to take home.


Bath Tissue Turkeys

These are too cute not to make for the holidays. They’re easy to put together and the best part is they make fun party favors. Get the instructions here.


Felt Acorns

This may require a bit of help from an adult (or at least some supervision) but these felt acorns are too good to pass up. Get the instructions here.


Coloring Pages

It’s simple but effective. Download and print our free coloring pages and set them out with crayons for everyone to use.

Another Option: Buy a cheap Thanksgiving coloring book and cut out the individual pages (that way, no one hogs the book while someone else is “patiently” waiting). Set out some crayons and poof – instant activity!


Paper Pumpkins

Orange, green and brown construction paper 
Paper clips or stapler 


1. Cut the orange paper into inch-wide strips. Cut a few strips into 6-, 7-, and 9-inch long pieces

2. Place the shortest strip in the middle. Then, layer them by size so the longest strip is on the outside. Fasten together with a paper clip or staple

3. For the Stem: Cut a brown strip of paper about 1/4 of an inch by 3-inches long. Wrap it around a pencil tightly for about 30 seconds

4. For the Leaves: Cut out two leaf shapes from the green paper

5. Use the paper clip to secure the stem, leaves and string

Tip: If you want to get super crafty, use green pipe cleaners as the stem and leaves.


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