DIY Mini Piñatas for Cinco de Mayo

Spice up your Cinco de Mayo festivities with this DIY mini piñata craft.

By: Lucy Lopez

With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to start making crafts with your familia. You can get creative (and recycle) with this do-it-yourself mini piñatas craft. It can act as unique garland decoration for your Cinco de Mayo celebration, and even double as a party favor for your guests. Plus, it adds a pop of color to your party space.

What you’ll need:
Bounty paper towel rolls, cut in half
Tissue paper, in 3 different colors
Ribbon, in 2 different colors
Craft glue

Tip: When selecting colors, you can go for the traditional red and green or add in some patterns or texture with a sparkly gold. The choices are endless, which really makes this a fun, personalized craft!


  1. Begin by cutting out 4-by-4-inch squares of tissue paper for each piñata you’re going to make
  2. Cut a small X-shaped slit in the middle of each tissue paper square
  3. Gently secure the corners with tape around the paper towel roll

Safety Tip: Just to be safe, an adult should do this next step!

  1. Using open scissors, drag down on your ribbon to create a spiral curl. Tape the curled ribbon right on top of the slit you cut in the paper. This is the part of the piñata that will be hanging down so make it as long as you desire
  2. Lay each color of tissue paper on top of one another and cut into long strips, about 2 inches wide
  3. Begin cutting fringe-like slits in the paper as thin or thick as you’d like, making sure they’re even. You’ll only want to cut the slits about halfway up each strip
  4. Once all your strips are cut, put a line of glue on the top of the first fringe you are going to use on your roll. Starting at the bottom of the paper towel roll you already cut in half, start wrapping the tissue paper toward the top
  5. Once your first color is finished, layer your second color and repeat until completely covered

  1. Add a piece of ribbon to the top forming a little loop with tape so you can hang it up! You can also wrap a piece of ribbon around the top layer to hide any left over glue
  2. Now you’re ready to hang up your piñatas! Cut a piece of twine long enough to hang up where desired and thread through each little piñata to create a garland

Bonus: Fill your mini piñatas with everyone’s favorites candies and enjoy!

Make your next Cinco de Mayo memorable with this perfect opportunity to create recuerdos that will last a lifetime.

Lucía (Lucy) Lopez was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, and lucky enough to have a second home on the pretty little island of Puerto Rico. With writing as her passion, she’s beyond excited to be a part of the Orgullosa community and getting to learn more about Hispanic cultures, other than her own, along the way.


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