3 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts - Flower Bouquets for Mom

Mom will love the elegance and thoughtfulness of fresh flowers arranged by you.

By: Melissa A. Kay

Does your mom love gifts with a personal touch? Here’s a great gift idea. Create a bouquet that makes the perfect sentimental centerpiece for her day.

1. Red Says, “I Love You”
A vibrant red bouquet is always a gorgeous showstopper. Does she love bold color? Then make your mom a red bouquet that really pops.


  • Combine 2 or 3 large red roses with other red flowers — like Gerbera daisies and tulips — for a more textured look.
  • Buy some red ribbons to tie the bouquet together.
  • Make the look more luxurious by gluing some rhinestones or sequins to the ribbons.
  • You can even find a red glass vase to pull the whole look together.

2. Mom is Your Sunshine
It's not every day that someone receives a bright bouquet of happy sunflowers. What a statement you'll make with a homemade arrangement specially crafted for Mom's special day.

Why Choose Sunflowers?
Sunflowers are quite large, so you'll only need a few in order to create a nice bouquet.

They make such a statement on their own that you really don't really need to add another type of flower to the mix.


  • Place 4-5 sunflowers together so their stems touch and they form a bouquet.
  • Wrap some festive ribbons around the center.
  • Consider adding a pretty bracelet around the middle that your mom can keep forever.

3. Sweet Enough to Eat
Not all bouquets must be made of flowers. You can create something that tastes just as good as it looks! A candy bouquet is whimsical and will certainly be enjoyed by everyone (as long as Mom is willing to share).


  • Use a variety of long colorful treats so the candy bouquet looks impressive. These could include long lollipops, licorice sticks, king-size chocolate bars and chocolate-dipped pretzel rods.
  • Arrange the treats in a colorful vase filled with candy kisses or gumballs. Mom's sweet tooth will thank you.

As long as you create your bouquet with love, Mom is sure to adore the homemade gift. Have a happy Mother’s Day!



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