Easy Picnic Utensil Holders

These adorable picnic utensil holders will add a personal touch to your next outdoor party.

By: Grace Mitchell
These picnic utensil holders may be the easiest and most practical crafts you’ll ever make. You only need a few items to create them, and they’re sure to be the hit of the picnic.

Paper sacks (brown paper “lunch” bags)
Washi tape
Plastic utensils
Paper napkins


  1. Lay the paper sack on a hard surface and fold it up from the bottom — this will become the pocket for your utensils, so be sure it’s about 3 inches in length
  2. Push down to create a crisp crease
  3. Take a strip of washi tape, place half of it on the top edge of your folded piece, and then press down to make sure the tape adheres correctly
  4. Apply more washi tape, this time to each side of the bag (this will seal the “pocket” for your utensils)
  5. You can use a number of stamps to highlight your picnic theme, but using alphabet stamps to spell out cute phrases will surely entertain the crowd (try phrases like “Bon Appetit,” “All You Can Eat,” “Chow Down,” and “Eat, Drink, and “Be Merry” or add a personalized touch by stamping your friends’ names onto the bags)
  6. Once you have finished stamping your utensil holders, insert your napkin into the pocket and place your plastic utensils on top of the napkin

Tip: You can make each utensil holder unique, or you can create identical ones that center on a theme. Coordinate your washi tape and use colorful napkins and utensils for a vivid effect.

The best part of this project is that each person can use the paper sack to gather their trash when they are done! A simple toss into the waste bucket is all your guests will have to do, and there will be less cleanup for you — which means more time for you to enjoy the day and your loved ones.

Where will you take your picnic this weekend? Tell us in the comments section below!

Grace features her interior decorating work, her design inspiration and ideas, intuitive DIYs, and her own 1921 home renovation on her popular blog, A Storied Style. She is a happy wife and a mother to four children ages 5 years and under.



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