Embellished Hand Towels

Make basic, white dishtowels personalized with our easy customizable ideas.

Purchase a few white, flour sack kitchen towels from the craft store and use our embellishment ideas to personalize them for your kitchen décor.

Add Homemade Stencils
Pick up a few bottles of fabric paint when you purchase your flour sack kitchen towels in colors that match your décor style. Cut out or purchase a few stickers and cut out or peel the design and stick it to your towel. Blot the fabric paint around the sticker and allow it to dry completely. Peel the sticker off when the paint’s dry.

Tip: Be sure the fabric paint you use is machine washable.

DIY Ruffled Edges
Cut a strip of extra fabric about a half yard long. The strip’s length will depend on how small or large the ruffles will be. Place a thin line of fabric glue on the wrong side of the fabric, and press down one end as a starting point. Pinch and gather as you go along, pressing down so the glue sticks to the towel.

A Ribbon To Hang On
If your kitchen towel will go on a knob, create a loop of ribbon to hold it there. Most knobs will call for a 5-inch piece of ribbon, but a larger one, like a door handle, could need up to 10 inches.

Attach one end of the ribbon on the top corner of your towel. Loop it around with enough room to leave a gap to hang on the nob and attach the remaining end to the starting point of the ribbon. A few stitches or fabric glue work perfectly to attach the ribbon.

Tip: If your towel will go on a handle, it will need to loop over the handle. To do this, apply fabric hook-and-loop fastener tape to the top of the triangle, and at the bottom and above the towel. Loop the top of the fabric over your handle, attach the two parts of the fastener to each other and you’re ready to go!

Do you have any creative ways to craft towels and personalize them? Share with the community in the comments section below!


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