5 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Minimum effort, maximum creativity. Make 5 Halloween costumes fast using household items.

Maybe you want to make a costume this year, but you don’t want to try too hard. Or maybe you’ve waited until the last minute, and going to the store sounds like a nightmare. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you covered. You need a costume, and we just happen to know more about toilet paper and paper towels than any person should. Here’s how to make five quick-and-easy Halloween costumes from the everyday materials around your house.

1. stately toilet paper tube Wig
Whether you’re channeling a historic figure or a no-nonsense judge, here’s how to make a headpiece that lets them know you mean business.

Empty charmin toilet paper rolls or bounty paper towel rolls
White craft paint
sponge brush
1'-wide headband
Hot glue gun
scissors (optional)

1. paint empty charmin toilet paper rolls or bounty paper towel rolls using white craft paint and a sponge brush, and let dry. If using paper towel rolls, cut them into 4½' segments using scissors. If desired, paint inside the rolls as well

2. Use a hot glue gun to attach painted rolls to the headband. start in the center of the headband and work outward

3. Once you’ve covered about two-thirds of the headband, glue additional rolls directly onto the rolls attached to the headband (but not onto the headband). stop when you’re satisfied with the wig length

2. pass the tissues!
show them your soft side with this larger-than-life costume, complete with a puffs tissue Box candy carrier.

square cardboard box
Box cutter
clear tape
Wrapping paper
8½' × 11' sheets of solid-colored cardstock in a complementary color
drinking glass and/or bowl for template
permanent marker
White tissue paper
White craft glue
two empty square puffs tissue boxes
purse strap
puffs logo printed on white paper

1. choose a square cardboard box that will fit comfortably around the wearer

2. carefully remove the flaps from the top or bottom of the box with scissors or a box cutter. this will be the opening for the legs

3. Wrap the entire outside of the box with wrapping paper, securing with tape

4. Using tape or glue, adhere cardstock all the way around the bottom edge of the box

5. Use the mouth of a drinking glass or bowl as a template to trace the head and arm openings with a permanent marker on the top and sides of the box

6. carefully cut out the head and arm holes with a box cutter

7. tape several sheets of white tissue paper around the head opening, so they look like they’re coming out of the box

8. print out and glue the puffs tissue logo to the front lower-right corner of the box, on the cardstock

for the candy carrier

  1. cut the tops off two empty square puffs tissue boxes, and fit one inside the other for extra stability
  2. punch a hole in two opposite sides of the box, near the opening at the top
  3. attach a handle – we purchased canvas purse straps from a craft store

3. mr-clean
the man with the muscles is here … to inspire your Halloween costume.

White t-shirt
White pants
mr-clean Magic Eraser
White costume eyebrows
Bald cap

this costume is so simple, you can pull it together with a quick trip to your closet (or consignment store). Make sure to accessorize with a mr-clean Magic Eraser!

4. Vow to be frugal
Your first wedding anniversary isn’t the only time you can get creative with paper! commit to being resourceful with this stunning getup you can make on the cheap.

charmin Ultra strong toilet paper
White headband
packing tape
permanent marker
Hot glue gun

for the Veil

1. for the veil, we used strips of toilet paper, six squares long, and laid them side by side. You can decide the number of strips and the length depending on the desired veil

2. Lay the toilet paper strips on a flat surface, and use packing tape to carefully attach them. We chose not to tape the last few squares on each strip to create a fluttering effect

3. Bunch up one short end of the veil and use hot glue to attach it to the headband. try gluing to the underside of the headband first, and then wrapping the veil over the top, securing with hot glue as needed

4. separate several squares of toilet paper. adhere packing tape to one side of each square

5. sketch flower shapes on the packing tape side with a permanent marker

6. cut out the flower shapes and glue them to the headband, covering up the hot-glued veil edge

for the gown

time to unleash your creativity! Use a simple white dress as the base, and then wrapped, folded and looped toilet paper to create the dress bodice and train. It’s best to assemble the dress on the wearer! packing tape is a great way to make the toilet paper more stable – use it as needed for more delicate details that you don’t want to tear.

5. paper towel toga
If making a toga out of fabric is all greek to you, then this no-sew paper towel version is an easy alternative.

bounty paper towels
White cardstock
packing tape
permanent marker
craft glue

for the crown

1. cut 1” strips of cardstock and line them up into one long strip. Use glue or tape to attach the strips

2. separate several sheets of bounty paper towels and lay them on a flat surface. cover one side of each sheet with packing tape

3. sketch leaf shapes on the packing tape side of the paper towels, and cut them out

4. glue the leaves onto the long strip

5. Measure around the wearer’s head and trim the cardstock, leaving about an inch of excess. attach the two ends of cardstock with glue or tape

for the toga

there are no hard-and-fast rules for creating a paper towel toga! start with a base outfit of white shorts (try to find ones with an elastic waistband) and white t-shirt, and then fashion a “skirt” by looping several lengths of paper towel sheets and tucking them into the waistband. then drape another long length of paper towel sheets across the wearer’s chest, over their shoulder and down their back.

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