Let it Rain: Design Your Own Umbrella

Reimagine your basic umbrella for added fun on rainy days.

Here’s a reason to love rainy days: taking your basic umbrella and making it your own. How? Waterproof paint and a splash of creativity. Think bright, geometric shapes to echo your mood or the spring season, and you’ll add a little style to your rain gear.

Label stock (4.25″ x 5.5″ sheets)
Cutting mat
Utility knife
Stencil sponge
Waterproof paint


  1. Pick your stencil pattern and draw it onto the label stock sheets (be sure to leave space around the cutouts to avoid splattering onto the umbrella)
  2. Cut out the stencil using the utility knife

Tip: The number of stencils needed for the project will depend on the size of your umbrella and the pattern you choose.

  1. With your umbrella open, rest it on its handle
  2. Pick a spot to start painting and place your stencil on the umbrella in that location
  3. Pour some paint onto an old plate and dip the stencil sponge into the paint. Apply paint through the stencil using a light, stipple-like effect

Tip: Try using each stencil 2-3 times before discarding.

  1. Work your way around the umbrella, painting one panel at a time
  2. Once all of the panels are painted, set the umbrella aside to dry overnight

You can’t possibly have too many umbrellas, right? So make one for your friend, your sister and your mom. These are entirely too much fun to paint just one.


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