Mother’s Day Craft: Silhouette Paintings

Your kids will love making this easy silhouette painting craft – perfect for Mother’s Day!

When it comes to Mother’s Day, my needs are pretty simple. Sure, I love brunch, flowers and a mani-pedi just as much as any other woman, but to be honest, what I look forward to the most is just hanging out with my family. It’s weird, I know – after all, spending time with them is kind of a big part of this whole mom thing – but it’s true.

So this year I’m asking for quality time spent crafting. This idea for silhouette artwork, which simply involves cutting out shapes, attaching them to a canvas and having the kids paint over them, looks like so much fun. I plan on hanging these up in my own home, but you could also give them to the other awesome women in your life – grandma, aunts, friends, whoever!

Without further ado, here’s how you and your family can make your own custom artwork:

Acrylic paint and paintbrushes
Palette (or paper plate)
Shapes printed or drawn on paper*
Double-sided tape or glue adhesives
Bounty DuraTowels or newspaper

*We made free printable templates for you to use. You could also help your kids draw their own shapes to cut out, like their own initial.


  1. Line your work area with newspaper or Bounty DuraTowels
  2. Print out our template or help your child draw a shape. Cut the shape out of the paper
  3. Cover the back of the shape with double-sided tape or glue adhesives, paying extra close attention to the thinnest areas (like the flower petals, for example). Adhere to the canvas
  4. Add your paint colors to a palette or paper plate. It helps to choose colors that go well together, like orange, yellow and green, or blue and purple, for example
  5. Paint over the shape outline, starting brushstrokes on top of the shape and drawing them outward
  6. While waiting for the paint to dry, clean the brushes/palette. Wash any clothes that got drips on them with Tide Ultra to remove stains.
  7. Once the paint has dried, carefully peel off the shape. Voilà!

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