No-Sew T-shirt and Pillowcase Aprons

No-Sew T-shirt and Pillowcase Aprons

Turn old pillowcases and T-shirts into beautifully crafty no-sew aprons.

In addition to the t-shirts or pillowcases you’ll need to create your aprons, you may need to make a quick run to the craft store for ribbon, no-sew snaps, chalk, scissors, and iron-on adhesive.

1. Pillowcase Aprons
Attach ribbon to a pillowcase or pillow sham to make a half apron that ties around your waist. When looking for the best pillowcase to use, don’t stop at the linen closet. Check out your attic for that whimsical pillowcase from your childhood, or scour thrift stores for more embroidered and lacy finds.

Step 1: Trim Time
Using iron-on adhesive, trim the top edge (short, closed side) of the pillowcase or sham with decorative ribbon. Leave plenty of ribbon flowing over the sides at the top edge (short, closed side) of the pillowcase, as they will be used tie the apron around your waist.

Step 2: Make It Snappy
If the pillowcase or sham fits snugly around your waist as is, this is great, but you may want to add a no-sew snap in the back for extra security. Attach your snap through the ribbon and pillowcase layers where it hits your back. Follow the snap package instructions for extra detail.

Step 3: A Perfect Bow
Simply tie the ends of the ribbon in a neat bow around your waist and check the fit. Feel free to add any other trimmings you desire to make it your own. Use the iron-on adhesive to add ribbon or even fringe to the bottom of your apron.

2. T-shirt Aprons
Create adorable full t-shirt aprons that go over the head and tie around the waist. Look through drawers, boxes or second-hand shops for the perfect soft tee to use.

Step 1: Fold
First, fold the t-shirt in half from collar to waist (lengthwise) with the printed (front) side facing up.

Step 2: Remove the Sleeves With chalk, draw a slightly curved line from highest point of the collar to just below the bottom of the sleeve. Cut along this line, making sure you cut through all layers of the t-shirt. The sleeves should now be completely removed from the shirt.

Step 3: Cut the Shirt Open Unfold the shirt and turn it over so the back of the shirt is facing up. Using chalk, draw a straight vertical line down the center of the shirt. Following the vertical (center) line, cut through just the back layer of the shirt using your scissors, stopping before you reach the collar.

Step 4: Cut Around the Collar
Cut along the edge of the collar, stopping when you reach the shoulder seams of the shirt. The collar of the shirt will be used to go around your neck.

Step 5: Remove Remaining Back Pieces
Next, unfold the shirt again and face the printed (front) side to you. You’ll see two back pieces on either side of the apron that you’ll want to remove. Draw two slightly downward facing lines from the outer edges of these pieces to the inner edges.

Step 6: Make the Apron Strings
Using your chalk, draw a line two inches from outermost edge of the shirt. Draw the same line on the other side. These will become your waist strings. Start cutting from the bottom along the line on each side of the shirt, but stop cutting about an inch from the top.

Step 7: Knot Apron Strings
Secure the waist strings by knotting at the top (at the last inch you left) where they meet the main part of the shirt.

Step 8: Trim Touches
For added personal touch, trim the edges of the apron with iron-on adhesive and complementary ribbon.


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