Not Your Average Handprint Turkeys

Let your pint-sized Thanksgiving guests craft away with our creative handprint turkeys.

By: Rae Friis

Now that we’re well into fall, chances are kids have already made their fair share of handprint turkeys. Before you cross them off the Thanksgiving craft list, take a peek at our fresh alternatives. It’s always fun to put a new twist on an old classic!

Tube Turkeys
Repurpose bath tissue rolls into adorable Thanksgiving crafts that double as décor.

What You’ll Need
Construction paper
Craft glue
Bath tissue or paper towel rolls
Colored pencils
Googly eyes


  1. Using construction paper and craft glue, cover the tube and let glue dry
  2. Meanwhile, trace handprints onto other sheets of construction paper and cut them out
  3. Stack handprints (about five per turkey) and glue each on top of the other, fanning them out like feathers as you go
  4. Set aside
  5. Glue eyes, a beak and gobbler to the front of the tube
  6. Once everything has dried, glue the handprint feathers to the opposite side and you’ll have adorable handprint turkeys that stand up

Tip: Use the tube turkeys as a creative centerpiece for the kids’ table during Thanksgiving dinner!

Clay Handprint Turkeys
Grab some clay and a few household supplies and set out materials for this easy craft!

What You’ll Need
Wax paper
Air-dry craft clay
Rolling pin
A toothpick
Butter knife

Before you begin, read the directions on your clay packaging and be sure to follow them.

  1. Lay a big square of wax paper (wax side up) on the work surface and place a ball of clay on top
  2. Using a rolling pin, roll out the clay so it’s about 1/4 inch thick
  3. Lay your child’s hand on the rolled clay and trace around it with a toothpick or skewer
  4. Let your child lift his or her hand out and cut around the trace marks with a butter knife
  5. Make feather marks in the clay with a toothpick along the outlines of the fingers and add an eye on the thumb portion and then add a triangular beak with an extra piece of clay off of the thumb from leftover clay
  6. Dip your finger in a little water and rub out any rough edges
  7. Allow to dry, and then display all season long

Painted Turkeys Tablecloth
Give new life to plain fabric, burlap or an old tablecloth for a reenergized Thanksgiving table linen.

What You’ll Need
Plain fabric
Craft paint
Paper plates
Hot glue


  1. Before you begin, cut the plain fabric to cover your dining table and cover a workstation with newspaper
  2. Squirt craft paint in color(s) of choice onto paper plates. Dip your child’s palm into the paint and press it down on the fabric
  3. Repeat as desired to make a pattern
  4. When paint is dry, hot glue felt, buttons or any other holiday embellishments to turn the handprints into turkeys

Tip: Use the same instructions to make fun individual placemats instead of a large tablecloth!

Turkey Goodie “Bags”
These crafts are perfect to bring to a celebration, classroom party, as party favors or place cards for Thanksgiving dinner.

What You’ll Need
Plastic food service gloves (the transparent, non-powdered kind)
Caramel popcorn
Candy corn
Googly eyes


  1. Fill plastic food service gloves with caramel popcorn and candy corn
  2. Once the gloves are full, tie them shut with twine and add googly eyes (along with paper beaks and gobblers)

Rae is a graphic designer and the creative director of She spends her days working from home — usually with any one of her four lovely (and rambunctious) kids hanging on her side. She enjoys creating everyday adventures with her munchkins using ordinary things and making them extraordinary. Oh, and she also really loves clothes, chocolate, her husband, and her cell phone (in no particular order).



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