Whimsical Woodland Snow Globes

Create a DIY woodland scene inside a snowy globe this holiday season.

Snow globes are a fan favorite during the holiday season, but what about taking a twist on the usual snowy scene? Using your empty jars, create memorable keepsakes with easy, do-it-yourself snow globes. Create a unique, woodsy scene that’s easy to assemble with just a few materials. They’re perfect for gifting, party favors or simply preserving memories for years to come.


Empty jar with lid
Clear epoxy cement*
Sealed ceramic or plastic decorative items
Glitter, colored beads, sequins or mini foam pebbles
Decorative items like mini trees, cabin and mushrooms
*Tip: Purchase epoxy sealant at your local hardware or craft store.
**Tip: Bottles of glycerin are available at your local drug store in the health and beauty aisle. Glycerin works great because it’s a thick, clear liquid, but water, mineral oil or baby oil will work, too.


  1. Hand-wash the jar and lid with Dawn dish soap and remove all labeling
  2. Dry thoroughly
  3. Attach the decorative items to the lid with dabs of epoxy cement and allow to dry 
  4. Fill the jar to the top with glycerin and sprinkle glitter, beads, foam pebbles or sequins into the jar 
  5. Set the jar in the sink or on the ground outside because it will overflow when you add the lid (you don’t have to fill it to the top with liquid, but there will be empty space at the top when you turn the jar over if you don’t)
  6. Carefully screw the decorated lid on the jar tightly, and then rinse or wipe the jar
  7. Turn it over and seal the lid around the edge with epoxy cement 
  8. Allow it to dry
  9. Shake and enjoy

Tip: Adorn the edge of the jar lid with ribbon, beads, colored paper, felt or bows.



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