5 Creative Hostess Gifts (for Fewer Than $15)

5 Creative Hostess Gifts (for Fewer Than $15)

Surprise and thank your host and hostess with a thoughtful gift they’ll cherish.

By: The Daily Clutch

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You know those awesomely inspiring people in your life who always seem to have the perfect gift for every occasion? That friend of yours who brings you the perfect candle in your favorite scent when you’ve hosted book club, or the cousin who brings over the most thoughtful thank-you during Thanksgiving festivities.

How do some people always have the perfect gift in mind for every occasion? And how can YOU be that person? The key is planning ahead, and stocking up on a handful of sweet, pretty, and thoughtful gifts you can keep on-hand and pull out when the moment is right.

Luckily for you, we’ve found a handful of fun, thoughtful and unique gifts you can count on to delight any hostess.

This is the type of gift most people never buy themselves but love receiving. The creative ladies in your life will light up when they open it.


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Putting a personal touch on any gift never goes unnoticed, and a monogrammed corkscrew is no different.

Seasonal Soaps
Whatever the season, there’s always a delightful soap to match.

Reusable Grocery Bag
Who ISN’T always misplacing reusable grocery bags? You can usually find even stylish reusable grocery bags for around $5. So stock up.

When in doubt, stick with the edibles! Any of your caffeine-a-holic friends or family will appreciate a rustic, delicious fresh roasted coffee packs.

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