5 Tips for throwing a stress-free kids party

5 Tips for throwing a stress-free kids party

It's time to celebrate your kid and throw him an unforgettable party. These tips will make the planning process much easier.

By: Johanna T.

Your kid's birthday party can be awesome. It's not about how much money you spend. It's about celebrating your child in the company of others who also want to have a good time.

Of course, good planning is the secret of all successful parties. If you let your kid be a part of the planning, you will show him that the party is something that's being done for him. The anticipation will be part of the experience and he will be happy in the end.

Here are some tips that have helped me have some of the best (and most memorable) birthday parties for my three kids. I hope they help you out:

1. Decide the location of the party. Having it at home would be the cheapest option but don't forget the peace of mind you'll have if the party is not at home. Depending on the age of the child; this is a good conversation to have with him: Where would you like to have the party? What kind of activities would you like to do with your guests? If you do it at the community center pool where you live, you can to a water theme. If you do it at a baseball field, you can get baseball lessons offered by the grandfather of the kid who was once a baseball coach for the school. Of course, this all depends on your budget, so keep that in mind before sending out your invites. Finally, the location of the party can help determine the theme.

2. Choose a theme that matches the interests of your kid. Nothing better than having a day where the entire surroundings are decorated with your kid's favorite cartoon character, or having a party inspired by his love of something specific (a sport? a kind of animal? a color?). Some cool ideas include: pirates, pop music, fairy godmothers, ninja turtles, a spa day, all art, cooking together, etc.

3. Work on the guest list together. Decide if you're going to invite the entire class, cousins, girls only, boys only, and how many in total you're going to invite. Make sure that the invitations are fun and give guests a sense of the surprise they can expect. Remember to include important information like what time the party starts and finishes as well as if it's necessary for guests to be accompanied by an adult or if you'd rather they drop off the kids and pick them up later.

4. Plan games and activities that include all of the kids and from which they can take home good memories from the party. Having a video game console and only two controls will isolate a lot of the guests. However, if you plan a treasure hunt in the backyard, everyone can participate. Another popular idea nowadays is to create a photo booth where guests can take have their picture taken wearing fun accessories (sunglasses, signs with cute phrases, toy microphones). The pictures can be included in each guest’s goodie bag. You can also have a large piece of paper with markers and/or crayons so that each kid can write the birthday boy/girl a message, something that he can keep forever.

5. Don't forget music and decorations are what make the occasion festive. Some days before the party, sit down with your kid and make a playlist of his favorite music. Look for some elements that will give the space color. Use creativity to transform all kinds of items that you already have, like colored poster board, computer printed images, and place them on the walls, ribbon, balloons, little lights...

The point is to be creative. Explore the Internet for other amazing ideas and think about details that will express your child's uniqueness. Happy Birthday!

What kind of birthday party does your child like the most?


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