6 Tricks to Organize and Enjoy Your Party

6 Tricks to Organize and Enjoy Your Party

Parties, even your own, should be all fun and worry-free. These tricks will make party planning simple.

By: Alicia C.

Although my familia can party like the best of them, there were times when the idea of hosting our own fiesta would create major problems. I would become “partyzilla” the moment people started accepting our invitations. Formal, informal, a family dinner... It was all an endless source of stress. I wanted everything beautiful, the food perfect, the home sparkling. There is no wonder my kids and my husband looked at me like I was El Chupacabras every time I would come up with the idea of hosting a party.

Eventually, I realized that I was not only ruining my fun, but theirs as well. Since I was not willing to lower my standards, I decided to do a little research on how the pros do it and I developed a system of my own. Here are the 5 most important things that have helped me over time.

1. Write lists. Even if you never see them again once you´re done writing them, lists are the first step towards good organization. Everybody in my home makes fun of my lists, but they’ve actually been the saving grace of my traditional gatherings more than once or twice.

2. Buy party decorations when they’re on sale and store them at home. Last year I got stocked up on colorful, plates, garlands, napkins, etc, for this year’s annual summer pool party. The only thing I’ll have to worry about is the food. One less thing to stress me out when it comes time to start planning.

3. Pick a theme. If you like to have a good looking party, the easier way to achieve it is coordinating the decor, the food and the drinks. Last New Year Eve, we hosted a Salsa dancing party. Pre-mixed Mojitos and Daiquiris where in a self-serving bar. I did go overboard with the inflatable Palm Trees, I must admit, but this kind of fiesta was casual enough to make it all easier on me.

4. Prep your food beforehand. If you’re not planning on having a catered affair, the best thing is to do as much of the cooking as possible in advance. For example, if you’re offering guacamole and chips to your guests, have the tomatoes, onions and cilantro diced and chopped the night before. Then it’s just a matter of adding the avocadoes shortly before serving.

5. Take time to decompress before your guests get there. Plan on having everything ready a couple of hours before the start time of your party. Believe me, a nice shower and plenty of time to get ready will make all the difference when it comes to greeting your guests with a happy face.

6. Let the dishwasher be your best helper. As your guests finish eating, start loading the dishwasher. Instead of spending the night stressing about the job of washing all those plates, imagine how good it’ll be to know that the dirty work is taken care of thanks to Cascade Platinum Pacs!

With a little planning, asking for help so that it’s not all on you, and these tips, I bet your next party is one you’ll enjoy (stress free!) as much as your guests.


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