9 Perfect Potluck Meals

9 Perfect Potluck Meals

Check out these simple ideas for delicious, easy-to-prepare potluck dishes!

Author : Enriqueta L.

In my family, any excuse is a good excuse to throw together a potluck. Each person brings a dish and among us all, there's plenty to go around. The following are a few simple ideas for what to bring when you're invited to a potluck.

1. Bean salad: It's easy to mix chickpeas, peas, kidney beans, red onion, cilantro, olive oil and lime juice.

2. Onion dip: Mix white onion, minced green onion and sour cream with cayenne pepper. This dip is perfect to eat with soda crackers, tortilla chips and fresh vegetables.

3. Classic potato salad: Prepare it with pickles, hard boiled eggs, celery and a touch of mayonnaise. It's always a great side dish to accompany hot dogs and hamburgers.

4. Pasta salad: Combine cooked elbow macaroni, shredded chicken, tomato, corn and onion. Serve with a vinaigrette or alioli. Instead of chicken, you could also use tuna.


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5. Cold mashed potatoes with broccoli and cheddar cheese: This combination of mashed potatoes with shredded cheese is really good as an accompaniment to celery and carrot sticks.

6. Guacamole: Everyone loves this one and it's so easy to prepare. To keep the avocado from turning brown, cover it with plastic wrap so it isn't exposed to the air.

7. Tropical pico de gallo: I make this pico de gallo differently by including little pieces of ripe mango. It adds a delicious sweet taste and is fantastic served with tortilla chips or as a side dish.

8. Cold cut platter: Salchichón (summer sausage), salami, mortadella, Serrano ham, ham and chorizo are all great options. If you prefer, you can include assorted cheeses of your choice.

9. Veggies and dip: Raw vegetables such as carrots, bell peppers, broccoli, celery and cherry tomatoes can be served with hummus or blue cheese dip.

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