Birthday Party Ideas: Superhero Theme

Birthday Party Ideas: Superhero Theme

Throw an action-packed superhero birthday bash for your child’s next party.

By: Rae Friis

Kids love superheroes — that’s a no-brainer. So a birthday party with a superhero theme is a clear winner, right? If figuring out the details seems daunting, fear not! Here is your ultimate guide to throwing the best superhero birthday party ever.

Create your own personalized invites by combining bright colors with word bubbles, sound effect bursts, cityscapes and phrases such as, “Calling all superheroes!” For an added touch or to dress up a simple invitation, use pages from a comic book to make envelopes!


Comic Book Banner
No superpowers needed to make this cool banner — all you need is a few comic books, scissors and a roll of colorful duct tape.


  1. Carefully cut out pages from comic books
  2. Starting at the bottom to middle of each page, cut to the opposite top corner and make a triangle
  3. Cut a long strip of duct tape and lay it flat on your work surface, sticky side up
  4. Place the triangles along the bottom half of the tape, leaving about 1/2 inch between each triangle, and fold the top of the tape down over the top
  5. Leave extra tape at each end of the banner for hanging

Supersize Your Guests
Create a cityscape perfect for heroes to leap over, or for decorating tabletops. Simply cover boxes in solid-colored butcher paper and add windows and doors using a marker or squares of gray craft paper. Add doors so each box looks like a building.

Tip: Looking for birthday party inspiration? Check out our ideas for throwing science, Hollywood, rock star or even 80s-themed parties.


Pin the Mask on the Superhero
Add a simple twist to a birthday party classic with a fun game of “Pin the Mask on the Superhero.” Take a picture of your child dressed up in a costume without the mask, and have it blown up to poster size. Cut various mask shapes from colored paper and decorate them (or better yet, let guests do the decorating). Be sure to write each guest’s name on a mask.


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  1. Hang the poster and have party guests line up
  2. Hand each guest the mask with his or her name on it
  3. Blindfold each contestant (one at a time) and right before it’s her turn, add a couple strips of double-sided tape to the mask
  4. The object is for each player to pin his or her mask onto the face of the poster
  5. Spin her around a couple times, point her in the direction of the poster and watch the fun begin

Superhero Photo Booths
Set up a photo booth with lots of fun superhero props like masks, capes, wands and armor. Blow up some balloons to stuff in the sleeves of guests’ shirts for extra-large muscles. The photos act as fun party favors too!

Web Slingers
Set up a few cutouts of villains throughout the yard (or recruit adult guests to dress up and hide). Give each of your heroes a can of aerosol string and have them capture the villains in their “webs.”


Superhero Sugar Cookies
Decorate sugar cookies with lightning bolts, monograms, bats, stars and superhero sound effects such as “POW!” “BOOM!” and “ZAP!” using brightly colored icing. Arrange on a platter at the dessert buffet or wrap them up and give them away as party favors.

Superpower Punch
Let the kids use their superpowers to change the color of their drinks! Before the party, freeze colored juice in ice cube trays and serve with ginger ale or a lemon-lime soda. Let your guests pick their own colored ice cubes. As the ice melts, their drinks will change color right before their eyes!

Superhero Party Favors
Dress up candy suckers with masks and capes using a few simple supplies. You will need colored cardstock, scissors, a single-hole punch and tape. Cut capes in the shape of large gumdrops, embellish with lightning bolts and punch a hole at the top so it fits over the stick and the wrapper. It should stay put without tape. Next, cut tiny masks to wrap around the lollipop and secure with tape in back.

Do you have any fun superhero birthday party ideas? Share them in the comments below!

Rae is a graphic designer and the creative director of She spends her days working from home — usually with any one of her four lovely (and rambunctious) kids hanging on her side. She enjoys creating everyday adventures with her munchkins using ordinary things and making them extraordinary. Oh, and she also really loves clothes, chocolate, her husband, and her cell phone (in no particular order).

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I sure wish I had these ideas back when all 3 of my boys were younger....LOL....They always wanted a Superhero themed birthday party and these tips would have come in handy to make their parties even better.

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