Budget Friendly Autumn Activities

Budget Friendly Autumn Activities

Autumn is the perfect season to enjoy with family and friends. Try these suggestions, ¡nunca fallan!

By: Belinda C.

Inexpensive Fun Activities for Fall
Autumn is my favorite season. I love sitting on my porch contemplating the many leaf colors, the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon candles, and the fact that there are endless ways to decorate my house. It’s such an inviting atmosphere and I really enjoy it. But also, it’s the ideal season to get all my family and friends together and have a great time without stressing about spending too much.

Here are some recommendations that have worked really well so far.

Among Family/Friends


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Fire Pit Fun
The idea is to invite all your neighbors, family, friends (or whoever you prefer) and set up a fire pit while you enjoying several fun activities. You can ask some of your guests to bring hot chocolate, s’mores, pan dulce, or any food of your preference. Get a few pumpkins and hold a carving competition. Whoever designs the most authentic/creative pumpkin, wins. (You can include kids as well.)

Movie Time Outdoors
Host a movie night. Just invite a few friends and family to watch their all-time favorite. It really makes fall even more special. You’ll only need these materials to project the movie. Make some popcorn and have comforters around in case you want to make it cozier and fun.

Just for 2

Picnic for 2
Choose your favorite park, pack a few blankets, wine, cheese… need it say more?

Haunting Tours
Have you gone to a Haunting Tour? I went last year with my husband and I thought it was quite original and terrifying (in a good way). The idea is for you and a group of people to walk around the city where there have been apparitions of sorts while learning a bit of history. The cost could vary from $20 to $85. Among other things, the most expensive package is for those who’d like to be more adventurous by staying at the hunted house. Either way, I recommend the tour because you learn a lot while you get a good excuse to hug your love very tightly.

What do you do for fun in the fall?

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