Caprese Skewers

Use chef Jesse Brune’s instructions to deconstruct your favorite Italian salad.

5 col

Wooden skewers (15)
1 container of grape tomatoes
2 packages of basil
1 container of mozzarella cheese balls
Salt and pepper



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  1. Wash and cut the grape tomatoes in half. Wash the basil as well
  2. Take a skewer and push one half of a grape tomato on the skewer. Then fold a leaf of basil and push it on to the skewer
  3. Take a mozzarella cheese ball and push it on to the skewer, sandwiching the basil in between the tomato and cheese ball
  4. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste
  5. Serve on a plate side-by-side and drizzle with olive oil

Tip: Fold the basil leaves so the bright green side is facing out. This will really make the skewers appear fresh.

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